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Vocal Insanity Review

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vocal insanity reviewDo you sing in the shower? What about on the way to work? Do you wish you could try out for a show like American Idol but know your voice isn’t good enough? Have you ever wanted to be a better singer but just didn’t have the time or money? If you said yes to any of these questions, then you are just like me. Every one of those statements applies to me. I’ve always been into singing, but not bold or good enough to let anyone know I loved it. Then I saw an ad for Vocal Insanity and everything changed.

Vocal Insanity was just what I needed but didn’t know I was looking for. For a low price (far lower than lessons), I got everything I needed to change my singing voice. Within a few weeks I was confident enough to try Karaoke, and that was just the beginning. Want to know more? Keep reading.

Vocal Insanity Product Details

The claims are a little over the top. I don’t really think anyone out there is literally becoming a world class singer in only one week, but from my experience with the product, you become such a better singer that it doesn’t matter if the promotional campaigns claims are a little over the top. When it comes down to it – this program will make you a better singer even if the only one has ever heard you sing before is your cat. Remember Susan Boyle? Well don’t let anything hold you back – that’s all I’m saying.

So how does it work? You get a full programs worth of the program’s vocal training boot camp. The program is based around a “secret” the author claims to have discovered that launched his own singing career. The program itself works through 10 modules, and while I can’t give away the products secrets, I’ll have to say the tips and techniques he teaches you definitely help you sound way more practiced and professional than you could otherwise without lots and lots of study and practice.

Here’s a little preview of some of the modules:

Module 1 – This is a self-assessment module to help you realize where you are at with your current singing abilities. It’s a quick module that helps you see what’s good and bad about your current style.

Module 2 – This gets into how to breathe while you sing – an essential lesson for any beginner.

Module 3 – You’ll learn tons of information about your range and how to tune your voice. If you’ve ever had trouble staying on key, this one is for you!

Plus 7 more modules covering things like genre, style, warming up, setting up a PA system, tone, safety, dynamics and more.


Here’s a bit more about the things I like best about Vocal insanity:

  • First and foremost, the program is fun to go through! I love singing and if you love singing, then you know how much fun it is to sing better. Unlike most programs out there that are all work before you get any reward, you start to benefit immediately because, well, you’re singing!
  • The program comes with the 10 modules I mentioned, but it also comes with 6 bonus albums of material for you to sing along with to help you develop your voice. Now your commute to and from work can your practice time!
  • The program comes with some fantastic customer support that is available around the clock. I didn’t have a problem that I needed to address, but I did have a question and when I contacted them, they got back to me right away.
  • At under $100, this package costs probably as much as one or two lessons with a private voice coach. Good luck learning even a fraction of what you get here for that cost. Bottom line is this is one of the best ways to go about developing your voice at home on a budget I can think of.


I thought that you might want to consider a few of these things more closely before deciding to purchase this product:

  • Despite some of the claims of the marketing materials, this product is no miracle product. Yes, you can change your singing voice and improve it very quickly, but if you could sing like Adele in one week, well, we’d know about it.
  • You have to actually do the work the program teaches you to do. Singing isn’t just something that happens overnight. Your vocal chords, like any part of your body, need to be trained. Don’t buy this product if you think it won’t take any effort on your part.
  • This product is only available over the internet so it may not be ideal for those in areas with limited or no internet access.

In Conclusion

While I don’t really think there is anything super secret going on here, I do think that this program is packed full of good information that is not only helpful, but FUN. I mean, how many of you out there are trying to become the next big thing? If you are, you’re probably working with professionals. I see this as a product for anyone who has ever wanted to sing like a pro but has been too shy or too busy to take the time to learn.

You get so much good information that really helps transform your singing ability in a quick amount of time and singing is so much fun that I can’t think of a reason to advise anyone who loves singing or who wants to love singing to try it out.

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