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Visual Impact Frequency Training Review

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Visual Impact Frequency Training ReviewFor many years trainers have told us that in order to be stronger and get the body we have always desired we needed an intense workout training followed by resistance and lifting exercises. After that, we were supposed to give time to the body for a period of 48 to 72 hours so that it can recover and finally we had to repeat the series all over again. This approach worked but the muscles usually broke down and the training frequency was not the ideal one. There is now a new program that focuses exclusively on adding density and strength to your physique without increasing muscle mass and fat. The Visual Impact Frequency Training PDF guidebook will help you boost your muscle efficiency without expanding your muscles’ size.

Most people will indulge and undertake their workout without questioning the way it works and without worrying about the damage that can be done to the muscles. These people generally believe that maintaining muscles and losing fat constantly is the only alternative. But they will certainly look really big and puffy and that is not the goal of this original method. The Visual Impact Frequency Training program will show you that you had it all wrong. If you are chasing for size, you will always have that puffy look.

What you need is to provide your muscles with a method that can help them to be more efficient. Download the Visual Impact Frequency Training e-book and learn about an amazing and modern approach! By following the techniques and guidelines included in this guidebook, you will improve your physique, get stronger and have better looking and defined muscles. You will realize that you can achieve your full potential without punishing your muscles by doing so.

Visual Impact Frequency Training Details

This ground-breaking guide was created by Rusty Moore. Rusty is an accomplished trainer and has been running a blog aimed to help both men and women to get their lean “Hollywood look” since 2007. His blog reached millions of visits and has thousands of comments. It is through this blog that he gathers the best information, and along with his own designed workouts and exercises, he also created a new and innovative routine. This routine has been defined as “low volume frequency recurrence” due to the fact that it compacts time frames. This means that by applying the method described in this program you will be able to compress the workout of a month in a single week.

The program is not aimed to add mass to the body and makes use of a completely different set of exercises. With this modern guide you will not damage your muscles and still become stronger than ever. The program will show you how you can expand your nerve impulse and strength into the muscle while still burning fat and keeping the muscle healthy. It is important for you to bear in mind that this method has been created for individuals with more than two years of resistance training. If this is not your case, then you will probably not benefit from it.

The package contains a PDF guidebook full of information, workouts and recommendations for you to follow, along with videos demoing precisely the way the exercises should be done. It also includes a membership to the website from where you can access new contents and future upgrades.

How Does the Visual Impact Frequency Training Guide Work?

Rusty will show you how to amplify your muscle density so that your body can look firmer and well defined. As opposed to what regular training proposes, this program is not aimed to increase muscle size but rather become stronger and more efficient at training. You will be able to train the same muscles daily if you want by applying low volume lifting. You will hit the whole body, not just single parts on different days of the week. Throughout the e-book’s pages, you will learn how to max out every lift in just about four to six days a week.

The secret is not to over extend but rather lift low volumes and have small periods of recovery time to start again. This means that you will actually train more than with the regular workouts. Repeated practicing increases the neurologic impulses of muscles and, in time, the nervous system will become more efficient. Because of all this, you will gain new strength without adding muscle. You will also be able to acquire real tone and definition for your body without getting bulky in the process.


  • You will improve your muscle density and still burn fat in a new and innovative way. Your body will show a sharp definition.
  • The program will drastically increase your strength and stamina.
  • Your nervous system will be enhanced as well.
  • You will still burn fat. In fact, this is the perfect program to do that.
  • It involves very short workout sessions throughout the week.
  • The program comprises a set of video tutorials and images that will illustrate the way the different workouts and exercises have to be correctly performed.
  • The training will reinforce the strength of your bones and also strengthen your joints.
  • The author offers a 60 day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the contents of the guide or the results obtained.
  • You will gain exclusive access to the member´s area. You will receive free upgrades and bonus features.


  • The program is geared towards individuals with more than two years of experience in resistance training.
  • For some people, four to six days per week is too much training to handle.
  • The program does not help you gain big muscles so if your objective is to become an Adonis, this is not the appropriate plan for you.

In Conclusion

If you have been practicing resistance training for more than two years, you should definitely check out the Visual Impact Frequency Training program! Most likely you are bored since you have been working on the same exercise routine in the same gym to maintain your body structure. With this innovative program, you will say goodbye to boring training sessions and exercises and you will be able to rapidly gain strength, recover fast in between workouts and still burn a lot of fat in the process. Do not give it a second thought and get this amazing fitness program today!
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