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Vision Without Glasses Review

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vision without glassesSince I was a teenager, I had to use glasses to write, read and drive at night. It was really uncomfortable. I always wished to be able to see as good as my friends without glasses. If you also need them to see properly, I am sure you can understand how irritating it is. Not to mention when you break or misplace them… what a nightmare! Also, it is a very awkward situation when you are not wearing them and someone you know passes by you and, of course, you can’t recognize them. Finally, as an annoying plus, you have to take into account how costly they are.

I have experienced all of these burdens and I have always wished to have better eyesight without having to wear glasses. I have always seen it as a utopian possibility. Until now.

How can You Improve Your Vision Without Wearing Glasses?

Each time I visit the eye doctor, my vision seems to have deteriorated. How can this happen?! It is so frustrating. Each time, the doctor has to change my prescription and I have to get something stronger than the previous year. There seems to be no solution to my problem. I can only wear glasses to see well, like there was no other alternative. I end up feeling as a VIP customer of the eyeglass industry.

However, there are alternatives.

Dr. William Bates, an eye surgeon from New York, claims that if you give someone the right lenses from the very beginning, there is no need to change them year after year, since the vision would improve until there is no more need for eyeglasses. What does this mean? That, eventually, you can improve your eyesight until you stop needing them. Better vision, no glasses.

Bates was so determined about his assertion, that he left New York and went to Columbia University to investigate his hypothesis. ‘Better vision, no glasses’… Could this be possible? After some research, he found three main reasons that cause bad eyesight:

  • Habits that stimulate bad vision
  • Stress or mental strain
  • Wearing glasses

Dr. Bates wrote more than thirty articles for the New York Medical Journal (from 1886 to 1923). Then, he started helping patients improve their eyesight without wearing glasses. In 1931, when he was 70, he passed away.

His investigation and work still helps innumerable people improve their eyesight without wearing glasses:

“If glasses are worn continuously over time the poor vision will generally become worse. Essentially what glasses do is lock the eyes into their refractive state and in order to see through your lenses you have to maintain the poor vision that the lenses are designed to correct.”

Vision without Glasses

Duke Peterson has promoted Dr. Bates’ research and developed the system Vision Without Glasses. As Dr. Bates did, Peterson has designed a functional system to help people improve their vision without the need for eyeglasses. He teaches how to improve the vision naturally, and it only takes three months!

What this program Teaches:

  • 15 minute training to reconduct how your eyes see. With this training, your eyesight will be capable to correct itself, which will eventually improve it so you can see better naturally.
  • The best way to wear your eyeglasses. If you wear them appropriately, they won’t delay the improvement of your vision.
  • A 60 seconds technique to reduce headache and eye strain.
  • Ways to spot and improve vision caused by stress and strain.
  • How to gain the natural self-confidence of someone who has a great vision without wearing glasses.

I have tried this product myself. And it was a success. Before trying it, I had to spend lots of money yearly to get stronger glasses and never improving my vision, so I had nothing to lose and I decided to give this system a try.

It cost me only $37 to get Vision Without Glasses, and it was one of the best investments of my life. I am sure that you will be totally satisfied with the product if you also try it, but, in case you are not, you have a 100% money refund. As I previously said… there is nothing to lose.

If you are tired of going to the eye doctor and wearing eyeglasses, you definitely have to try this program. It is a user-friendly system that truly works. I have tried it myself and my utopian possibility of forgetting about my glasses has come true. Better vision, no glasses. If you want to forget about them too, stop reading now and try it yourself! The only thing that you will lose… are your glasses!
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