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Truth About Charm Review

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download truth about charmI’ve always known, and so have you probably, that there are two distinct types of guys in the world – those women are drawn to and those that repel them. For the vast majority of my life I’ve been the latter. It wasn’t looks. I mean I was average, was clean, had good teeth and posture and wasn’t afraid to smile. But still – I was friend zone champion. If I tried to even suggest something more, things always got weird.

Sound familiar? Well I’ve tried several programs over the years to help with my lack of ability to get women. They’ve all been basically the same – pick up artists claiming to enjoy some good life where women beg for them to have sex with them, and money is offered to them around every corner. It’s sorta sickening now to think I went for that, but I did. The truth is, all those programs taught me to do was be an asshole. How did this go over with women? Well I attracted some – but the worse insecure, clingy, type you could imagine. I was unhappy. My family told me I was an asshole and I agreed. So I looked for a better way and that’s when I discovered Dominant, Confident, Sexual Man. (Truth About Charm)

Truth About Charm (Dominant, Confident, Sexual Man Program) Product Details

The big difference between this and most programs on the market is that instead of focusing on how to belittle women so that you can manipulate them by making them feel insecure. It’s quite the opposite, instead of bringing women down to your level, it teaches you how to be more confident so you are raised to the level that the confident, sexy women you’ve always wanted will notice you – and I do mean sexually.

So this program is a little different. It has techniques to use that focus more on how you see yourself, how you behave, and how you feel then it does lists of pickup lines. That’s because pickup lines don’t work. Instead, being a dominant, confident, and sexual powerful male does.

The program comes packed with the complete program plus three bonuses: (1) A guide to help you eliminate the Friend Zone (2) A cheat sheet to help you through conversations as you build your confidence, (3) a study sheet to help you learn how to move from just meeting a woman to having sex more quickly than you ever thought possible.


Here are some of the things I found to be my favorite about the Truth About Charm: Dominant, Confident, Sexual Man Program:

  • Everything in the program is completely easy to understand and put to use. Sure it may not be easy to suddenly have more confidence, but the steps you need to take to get there are easier here than anywhere else I’ve seen.
  • It’s a great value with lots of bonuses as a very good price. On top of that – the program creators offer free email support and openly ask for feedback. It’s clear their commitment is to making the best valued product to help men get women on the internet.
  • So many “help you get women” programs try to turn you into an asshole who doesn’t care about women at all – a pick up artist if you will. I hated these programs and am super glad with the different way Dominant, Confident, Sexual Man helps you to become sexy by naturally gaining confidence instead of using tricks.
  • Of course, one of the absolutely greatest things about this (or any program) is that the makers believe in it so much they are offering a full 60 day money back guarantee. That means if for any reason at any time in the first 2 months you aren’t satisfied with the product – you can get your money back. This is one of the best ways possible to show you are not a scam. Your investment is 100% safe!


Here are a few things I felt it best to consider more closely before you choose to purchase Dominant, Confident, Sexual Man:

  • Yes there is some unique information here and it goes against the grain of most dating programs in ways that truly give this program an advantage. But the program claims to be the inspiration of some long lost love guru the writer begged and pleaded with to write this “top secret” information in. That’s all spin in my opinion. This is a solid book to help guys who need to build self-confidence instead of using pickup lines to get women. That’s why you should order this program – not because of the marketing claims.
  • This program is only available on the internet so it is not ideal for anyone in an area that has little or unreliable internet.
  • Another thing to keep in mind with a program like this is that it’s going to force you to look inside yourself and improve yourself. This takes time, patience, and understanding. While I think this is the right way to go about it, those looking for a “quick fix” and tricks should look elsewhere.

In Conclusion

Basically, there is a select type of guy that this program is absolutely ideal. He’s the guy like me – he wants more women but is turned off by pickup artist techniques and knows deep down that it’s his lack of confidence that’s killing his game. If you’re ready to make changes that will help you live a happier life and attract more women then it’s time to order Truth About Charm: Dominant, Confident, Sexual Man.

The bottom line is you’re not getting any younger so you have to do something. Why not start with a program that does it the right way, comes with loads of bonuses and backs everything up with a money back guarantee? If you ask me, that’s the smart thing to do. Take control of your own dating life today by ordering now.

Download Truth About Charm Now! It’s 100% risk-free for 60 Days! Click the button below:


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