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Total Detox Friend Review

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total detox friend program

Cleaning the wastes and toxins from the body is essential to help passing drug and urine tests easily and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Find all the solutions you were looking for on Total Detox Friend. The creators of this eBook are three professional scientists who have worked on the detox field for over ten years, developing hair, urine and saliva drug tests for various large companies. After experimenting and making various detox products, they developed, in 2004, Total Detox Friend, a program that has helped more than 80000 people from all around the world to improve their health and pass urine and drug tests.

Basically, this is a fitness and health program with various products and services that will help you detoxify your body.

On this detox training program, you will find detailed information as regards the importance of detoxifying your body, and how to detoxify your oral cavities, hair and other essential parts. You will achieve effective results and you will be able to consult the creators of the program whenever you need to. They will answer all your questions and doubts as regards the detox products.

With this eBook, you will easily learn how to detox your body from mercury and other hard minerals. This program is cost-effective and anyone who wants to remove harmful toxins to improve their general health will be able to buy it. You will find useful information about detox diets and different natural body detoxers. Eliminating toxins is vital for a better lifestyle!

Total Detox Friend – Details:

With Total Detox Friend, you will find many powerful and useful tools to check your health out, detox your body completely and improve your general health. Also, it will be useful for you if you need to pass a drug or urine test.

  • You will learn how to detoxify your body from all harmful toxins, with natural and effective products and techniques.
  • You will receive live consultation and support from the authors whenever you need it. You can contact them via phone or e-mail.
  • You can request various detoxing services. For example, drug, body, hair, oral or blood detox.
  • Total Detox Friend manipulates detox formulas, taking into account which toxins you want or need to remove. Once you purchase the eBook, you will be able to speak freely about which specific toxins you want to eliminate.
  • All the formulas used in this program have been scientifically proven by a professional team of scientists who has worked in the detox field for over ten years.
  • The eBook comes with a 60 days 100% money back guarantee. Therefore, there are no monetary risks.
  • Positive testimonials, available on the webpage, state that it has more than 98% success rate.
  • The program is customized according to the user’s height and weight.

Main Contents:

  • Removing toxic substances.
  • Boosting and enhancing your energy and vitality.
  • Strengthening your body’s immune system.
  • Giving a good rest to the body.
  • De-Stressing.
  • Preventing illness and diseases.
  • Restoring mind body and spiritual balance.
  • Reducing body fat.
  • Removing body parasites and worm.
  • Improving your general life quality.
  • Removing harmful chemicals. Useful and interesting information about chemicals, such as: what makes them poisonous? How do they enter your body? Why does the amount of chemicals on your body matters?
  • Information about chronic and acute toxicity
  • Information about mercury and hard minerals.

How to Cleanse your body from Hard Minerals and Mercury

  • Step 1: be meticulous as regards fish.
  • Step 2: take dental work into account.
  • Step 3: ask for vaccines free from mercury
  • Step 4: take care from pollution
  • Step 5: be aware of old pains
  • Step 6: buy a side of cilantro

Detox diets

You will find detox diets to cleanse your blood, body, hair, oral cavities and remove drugs from your body.

  • Step 1: remove all toxins
  • Step 2: cleanse the body
  • Step 3: drink water
  • Step 4: change your usual diet
  • Step 5: incorporate right quantities of vitamins and minerals
  • Step 6: remember taking herbs and spices
  • Step 7: learn how to make this program permanent


  • Effective and scientifically based formula
  • Online and easy to follow
  • No monetary risks due to its 100% money back guarantee
  • Live support and consultation for customers
  • True and easy to understand information about cleansing, toxins and body
  • Natural method
  • Cost-effective


  • In case you want a live consultation, you will need a good internet connection
  • You will have to make some changes on your usual lifestyle and diet
  • The information is only available online
  • It doesn’t include attractive videos, audios or bonuses


To Sum Up

Total Detox Friend is an effective, user friendly and scientifically detoxing program that has helped many users to cleanse their bodies in a natural way. If you want to eliminate all those harmful minerals, chemicals and toxins that make you feel clogged up or if you need to pass a blood or urine test, this method will help you.

Although it doesn’t include audios or videos, you will be able to chat with its creators whenever you want to, which makes this program a very interactive one. You will receive real, natural and safe solutions from expert scientists and you will read about healthy diets to detox your body and feel better.

Say hello to Total Detox Friend, say goodbye to bothersome toxins!

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