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Tinnitool Review

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tinnitool laser

Do you suffer from tinnitus (that is ringing in your ears) or something similar(ear pressure, dizziness, partial deafness, acute hearing loss)? Then you know how expensive and time consuming treatments can be. The fact of the matter is that these treatments can be prohibitively time consuming and expensive for several people who are busy, or simply cannot afford them. When you have three hungry kids to feed, the ringing in your ears isn’t priority with money. It’s the truth.

This is all a dilemma of the past however as the Tinnitool Soft Laser has revolutionized home treatment for sufferers of Tinnitus and other similar hearing disorders. The Tinnitool comes with both a MedicLaser (650nm wavelength, 5mW output) & EarTool headest that comfortably positions the laser optimally. This is a safe and medically certified tool you can use in the comfort and privacy of your own home to help restore hearing and diminish ringing yourself. You don’t need any sort of medical experience to use it. I know because I didn’t have any and I’ve used it to get rid of a ringing in my ears that I had for years.

Tinnitool Soft Laser Treatment Product Details

To understand how it works, you need to understand that many ear disorders arise from similar causes. Specifically, a deficiency of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is absolutely necessary for many of the normal cellular functions in our bodies including our ears. Without it, cells breakdown. But the MedicLaser non-surgical light stimulates glucose combustion to improve the ATP supply in the ear.

This extra ATP can literally accelerate regeneration of any damaged cells in the ear to improve hearing. The headset helps position the laser to exactly where the damage is worst and ATP is most needed to optimize the entire process completely.

To be specific, you get both the MedicLaser and EarTool headset along with all the instructions and information you’ll need to know to use them effectively even if you’ve never had a laser treatment before or have suffered from Tinnitus for over three years.


This is a list of the things that I personally liked the most about Tinnitool Soft Laser Treatment:

  • The big thing about this is the ease and cost of doing this at home. It’s pretty revolutionary for sufferers of tinnitus to have a reliable effective home treatment method. For some, I’d imagine this is absolutely a life changer.
  • This is one of the best treatments I’ve ever found for ringing in my ear. I had suffered for years and thought it was just part of life now. I was wrong and it’s all because of Tinnitool.
  • One great thing is that you can start with just renting the Tinnitool for a three month period and if you find you like it, you can go ahead and keep the one you have and purchase it. The amount of your rental will automatically come off the price of the unit. This means you don’t have to pay full price up front to use it and see if it will work for you.
  • Everything comes with clear easy to understand instructions. I was worried because I have 0 medical history, but everything is setup well and I was up and running in no time. Don’t worry about not being able to make it work – it’s designed to make it easy. That’s what the EarTool is all about – making sure the laser is positioned as optimally as possible.


As with any product, there are some things you should likely consider more closely about Tinnitool before purchasing. Here’s some of what I felt warranted closer inspection:

  • Some users complain of a warming sensation in their ear. This is not all together abnormal as this is a low level non-surgical laser, but it’s uncommon for people to associate this feeling with discomfort.
  • You need to use it for consecutive days for at least 10 days to get the best results. This means that if you are busy, you may have problems finding time to squeeze in the recommended treatments.
  • It seems like the information on exactly how long to use the device in a single session are a little confusing. At one point I was told 20 minutes, at another 40. I was able to resolve what was best for me, but it’d be nice if this didn’t require the extra effort.
  • Results will vary. While you may experience partial hearing restoration, everyone is different and results will vary as all treatments for all issues results vary.
  • This is not a miracle cure. You cannot just simply use this once and expect to have ringing diminish and hearing improve. Furthermore, you should use the MedicLaser and EarTool only as directed to prevent damage to the equipment.

In Conclusion

Obviously this is a product only for those who suffer from tinnitus, partial deafness, ringing in the ear or other problems. If your issues are something different this product will not work for you and you’ll need to find the appropriate one.

To me, this is a medically tested and certified product that is the next best thing to going to a medical facility for a similar treatment. Only here, it’s cheaper and far more convenient. To me, that makes all the difference. With the ability to rent before you buy and have that rental price deducted from the cost of the equipment, it’s clear that the developers believe in the product and want to make it as affordable as possible for as many people as possible. If you suffer from one of these issues, you definitely need to order Tinnitool and give it a try today.

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