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Thought Elevators Review

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A Look Inside Thought Elevators

Tough Elevators is a complete program that includes nine audios and videos created to reboot your brain and help you live a happier and more successful life. It was designed by Eric Taller, who is the owner of a consulting group.

The idea behind the program is that our childhood determines the way we think and act in our adult lives. And so our successes and failures are invariably affected by what we lived when we were children. Hence, if our childhood was traumatic, we will probably be prone to failure.

The good thing is that it is possible to change this state of mind. In the program, Eric says that different researches have proven that our brain can be molded if we used certain techniques designed to do so, like meditation, among others. The problem with these methods, says Eric, is that they take a lot of time and so people end up not doing them. And this is why Eric developed Thought Elevators, to help you change your state of mind in a short time.

The system includes nine techniques that Eric himself has used to modify his life. He guarantees that these techniques will help you:

  • To release your natural talents, so as to be more successful in your career.
  • To get rid of stress in order to calm down and be able to put your focus in what you are doing.
  • To get rid of what that blocks you from learning new things and be effective.
  • To enhance your eating habits and prepare you mind to lose weight.
  • To have more energy.
  • To avoid illnesses and recover from diseases quickly.
  • To find your better half and stop crying for love.
  • To learn to communicate better with your relatives.
  • To change your thoughts about money, and many things more!

Also, the program comes with some extra materials:

1.) Meditation videos created to help you sleep better and have more energy the next morning.

2.) “How to Have a Money Tree”, a book that has specific techniques that will teach you how to make money.

3.) “Recognizing Your Better Half”, a manual that will show you they way to find your love and maintain your relationship.

4.) “I Love Myself”, a handbook to have a better self-esteem.

5.) For baby boomers, the program includes “Showing Health for Boomers”, a guide designed for those baby boomers who want to be fit and healthy.

Those are the most important characteristics of the program. If want to know more details, you can have a look at the official website.

Now, let’s have a look at the benefits and disadvantages of the program:


It’s Favorable

It is probably the best solution for people who want to meditate but don’t have enough time. The only thing you need to do is watch a tutorial and turn on some music to achieve a state called Theta (in which the activity of your brain calms down and you feel as if you were sleeping).

It has multiple functions

The program is designed to tackle different problems human beings may have, not just one. It helps you improve different aspects of your life: your love relationships, your career, your business, your family, your finance, your health. It helps you reboot your mind and enhance all the areas of your life that you feel you need to improve.

It’s easy to follow

Anyone can use the program; it is really easy to follow so you don’t need to have experience in meditation. It is complete and it is not difficult to comprehend. Everything is explained in detail.

It helps you get rid of stress

A negative thing of these times is stress. Most people feel under stress all the time and this lead to rare diseases, insomnia, depression and many other issues. This program is fantastic because it helps you get rid of stress and this will improve your entire life.

It offers a money refund

If you purchase the program and you are not satisfied with the results you get, you can have all the money you invested back within the first 2 month after buying it, so there is nothing to lose!


You must be open minded and dedicated

You must be open-minded because it is an innovative product, not something traditional. You will have to practice the techniques many times to master them. You must follow the instructions to the letter, if not you are not going to achieve good results.

It’s only available online

It’s only available in PDF, audio and video formats. There isn’t a book with all the information. You can download it, but if you don’t have Internet connection or if you prefer books, then this is a negative aspect.


The Thought Elevators program really pays off in the end.

What we love about it is that it is easy to follow and to put into practice. It just takes three minutes of your time every day. The only things you have to do are watch and listen to the videos. However, as all the other programs available in the market, it is not for everyone.

It takes some time since you have to learn the techniques. You have to be dedicated. It will not just reboot you mind overnight, you will have to do some effort. If you are not in the mood of making an effort, then do not buy the program.

If you want to dedicate some time and effort and you want to change your life, be more successful and happier, then this is the program for you.

It is not so cheap but it is not expensive if take into account all the things it includes. Also, if you are not pleased with it you can have your money back, so there is nothing to lose!

Click Here if you want to have this program and all the materials it includes at a low price and start learning great techniques to change your life!

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