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The Truth About Baby Weight Review

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The Truth About Baby Weight Review

Recently, I found a figure that astonished me: 99% women try hard -eating healthily and exercising daily- to get rid of the last pounds that they gained while being pregnant, but it is very difficult for them and they end up frustrated. There are many women who actually look great after pregnancy, but they still feel that they have some extra pounds. How can this be possible? Since I am crazy about health topics, I started researching about this one. Why do some pounds linger after pregnancy? I end up contacting Holly Doss, writer of The Truth About Baby Weight and I asked her if she could explain me more. She answered:

“Women are usually told that a healthy diet and daily exercise are the main factors for losing weight after pregnancy. They are, in fact, important factors, but not the only ones. There are actually 6 crucial points when it comes to losing baby weight. But women who struggle to lose their extra pounds don’t know them. And I was one of those moms. So I composed The Truth About Baby Weight, to help other women like me, who can’t match the dots about losing baby weight. I compiled my investigation into a concise and clear book full of straight answers. The book is aimed at those moms who are frustrated after having tried it all or those who are starting their adventure of postpartum loss of weight. The book will help them not only to lose weight but also to avoid losing money, time, tears and energy. They will obtain the sincere answers they were looking for.”

Her answer caught my attention. My curiosity led me to look through The Truth About Baby Weight. Holly mailed me a copy of it and I have to admit that, once I started, it was difficult to stop reading it. Holly had told me the truth about the content of the book. I found clueful information about the way postpartum bodies work and about the six crucial components to losing baby weight. Her compiled research is totally factual and fascinating. I discovered that the industry of postpartum weight loss misleads women, who end up frustrated and struggling with those last ten extra pounds. 99% of frustrated women. I found the answer to my initial question. In The Truth About Baby Weight Review, I read about the most usual myths as regards baby weight loss that are actually lies. On the other hand, Holly presents a lot of factual information which I found really interesting. If I, as a man, enthusiast of health, read the book with so much curiosity and concentration, I cannot imagine how happy and fascinated will all those new moms be while reading it.

Another attention-grabbing fact was that even when Holly Doss was a Vegan and Gluten Free woman from Beverly Hills, she struggled with those last few pounds. On her blog, she says, “Before being pregnant and during my pregnancy, I had an admirable shape. So, after having my baby, I kept on with the same diet and routine. However, my body stopped responding the same way and I couldn’t get rid of the last ten pounds. They may sound like a few pounds, but they were deposited in awkward places, which made me feel really uncomfortable. I started reading about the issue and getting in touch with important trainers, but I couldn’t find the answers I needed anywhere. There were many missing links. I had to rearrange all the information I had gathered during two frustrating and long years myself to reach a satisfying answer.

Being a man, it is impossible for me to imagine a mother’s frustration. Men are able to start a daily workouts and a healthy diet and obtain actual results. Contrastingly, new moms do not have the same luck. And, above that, they don’t know how to revert that situation. Holly said to me, “I tried everything to reduce baby weight. Everything. And nothing was effective. I took Dandelion, visited a Chinese Herbalist, started the Waterfall Diet, reduced my carbs, went to hot saunas, used a neoprene sweat belt while I exercised, tried hypnosis, hot yoga, drank detox teas and celery juice, ate parsley and asparagus, kickboxed, walked, ran and lifted weights. I even visited a specialist of the hormones, Endocrinologist and Internist, to check the possible underlying reasons of water retention. I made tests to see if I had food allergies, had blood test done and tried Bio-Identical Progesterone Cream. I tried anything that claimed ‘Hey, you don’t know me, but I can get rid of your postpartum fat!’. But not even one of these helped me.

Apparently, Holly had three particular Mineral and Vitamin deficiencies and was intolerant to a basic on her Vegan diet (one widely considered as healthy food). She also had three organs that needed to be cleaned and detoxed to flush toxins, hormones and fat that pregnancy had left her. Plus, she was told that she was doing exercise in a wrong way to reduce postpartum fat. But are there right ways to burn it? Yes, ladies, there are, and you can find them on The Truth About Baby Weight.

“I had to do a lot of investigation to figure it all out. It was a huge relief to find how to connect all those missing dots. It took me days to lose a size, and I haven’t regained it. Thanks to this method, I can now focus on helping others new moms to reduce their baby weight without all the distress I went through… and much faster.”, says Holly.

Keep it in mind, new moms: there is a way to loss baby weight. Yes, do exercise. Yes, follow a healthy diet. But you also have to take into account four more factors to loss postpartum weight, and you can’t ignore any of them. You have to follow the whole puzzle, not just pieces of it. Don’t surrender… there is a way to rediscover your beauty!

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