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The High Performance Handbook Review

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High Performance HandbookHave you heard about the “The High Performance Handbook”?  It is a guide that explains a method to create a customized workout program. It helps you develop an effective and personalized training plan that will lead you to achieve your fitness goals, just as if it were a specialized coach. It is an excellent option because it is not as expensive as paying to a personal coach and it will help you achieve incredible results. It is designed in such a way that can help you develop a plan based on your personal goals, capacity and experience. It is called “Handbook” but it could be called a system since it includes a lot of information and it is based on scientific data. This program is a professional, functional-fitness plan that will guide you in the process of exercising your body and will help you be healthier, more flexible, more athletic and stronger. And the best thing of all is that it is a customized program so it will adapt to your body and your capacity.

A Look Inside the High Performance Handbook

The High Performance Handbook includes interesting and useful information about health and fitness. It was created by Eric Cressey, and it includes a Gold-package that comes with a handbook on Nutrition that was written by Cressey’s colleague, Brian St. Pierre. Eric Cressey is a renowned fitness professional. He has written many books about health and fitness. The High Performance Handbook is his most famous and important book since it is the only one that provides a customized workout routine, focused not only on how to be fit but also on how to be flexible. The rationale behind this book is that sportsmen may have common goals but all of them have different ways of achieving those objectives. This is why a customized program is so useful: it gives people the opportunity to achieve their goals at their own time and taking into account their personal characteristics, which is also good to avoid injuries and health issues.

The program includes a customization method that consists of a self-assessment that gives people the chance to assess their most common posture and their average motion in order to choose either the extension bias plan or the flexion plan. The High Performance Handbook lets people choose the best workout routine for them, and it also allows them to decide whether they want to train 2, 3 or 4 times a week. Besides, it lets people decide which types of fitness goals they want to reach: weight loss, strength or athletic performance.

Another good aspect of this program is that includes videos with exercises. It comes with 201 personal and detailed videos. And this is not the most valuable thing. The most important thing of all is that all the videos are featured by Cressey and so they have his unique coaching style. He does all the exercises and he also allows students to perform them and he corrects them and shows you the right techniques, the right movements and the correct postures of all the exercises. The program includes many things that can convince you to order it:  a guide, an optional nutritional handbook (which costs a little bit more), workout templates, videos, worksheets for diets and nutritional programs, 2 different plans, the extension and the flexion plans.


  • Relevance.  It was designed for sportsmen, coaches and trainers. It includes different workout techniques and fitness goals which help people who want to achieve fitness goals that are above the average goals. If that people buy this program they will not need to have the recommendations of an expert since the Handbook is even better than experts and professionals.
  • It offers a professional level of training. It was designed for elite athletes. It was created to teach them professional techniques and methods that usually only professional coaches know.
  • It is trustworthy. It offers more customization and more flexibility than any other workout program.
  • It gives a better option. It offers adjusted versions of the exercises so that you don’t have to spend money on gym equipments. It is a user oriented plan because it takes into account the fact that some people may exercise at a gym but some others may do that at home.
  • It is easy to follow. It is simple and easy to follow and use. It does not suppose that you have a certain knowhow about fitness or health. It explains all the things in detail. It is very organized and it comes with templates that make the routine easier.
  • Anyone can use it and it is cost-effective.


  • Although almost all the people can use the program, it does not address the needs of people with specific diseases or health issues.
  • The nutritional guide is not included in the main handbook and so if you want it you will have to pay something extra.
  • There is not 24/7 customer support.
  • It is not so cheap if you compared it with other fitness plans.

To conclude

The program has some disadvantages, but anyway it is really effective because it has a lot of positive aspects. It is must for sportsmen and women because it gives them the chance to train as if they were professional athletes. It helps you achieve a better performance or be a better trainer. It is cheaper than paying to a personal coach.

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