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The Beta Switch Review

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The Beta Switch ReviewThe market is flooded with diet programs that are supposed to help people lose weight. But are they real? Do they offer a unique approach to the problem? Do those programs teach you how to prevent yourself from gaining weight again? Probably, not. You need a new program, one that can effectively reshape your lifestyle without a restrictive diet, one that teaches you about your body and how to shape it up the way you want it to be without depriving yourself in the process.

The body has two different types of receptors in fat cells. The Beta receptors are the ones that burn fat and the Alpha receptors are the ones that tell cells to store it. With The Beta Switch e-book, you will learn to effectively turn the Alpha receptors off and start burning fat fast!

This is a twelve week program that will help you change your lifestyle more than any other program you have ever tried. You will retrain your body to start burning fat through the quick start guide included in the package and you will immediately start feeling  the results especially in those difficult and challenging spots most women dread, like belly and tights. Remember: with The Beta Switch PDD guidebook and tutorials you will learn how to lose weight in a smart way, rather than in a hard one.

The Beta Switch Product Details

The program was developed by Sue Heintze, an Australian nutrition and body transformation specialist, who has already helped many women across the globe in their struggles against fat. She decided to try her program first on herself and obtained amazing results. She now enjoys a great body at 40.

With her new program you will learn about nutrition, what to eat and drink and you even will be taught all you need to know about herbal essences and extracts that will prevent more fat from storing in your body. The program does not concentrate on a strict control of the calories you consume. Instead, it focuses on developing a transformation at a cellular level, improving your metabolism, making you feel and look beautiful thanks to the new system, which is, as already mentioned, a twelve week program designed as a non restrictive and painless nutrition and exercise plan.

Sue will also teach you how to define a cheat day. A cheat day is a day in which you can actually skip the described plan. She will help you by offering suggestions for you to follow so that you do not store fat on that particular day. This is a concept that actually nobody has implemented before, as many of the principles that regular so called experts want us to believe. Exercising more and eating less is simply not going to do it.

What Does the Program Include?

The program is comprised of several guides and plans that will help you on your way to your goal. Download The Beta Switch e-book and you will receive the following extra features:

  • A twelve week exercise workout program full of workout training activities detailed in a step by step way. You will learn the best cardio exercises for burning fat out of your difficult areas, while boosting your stamina and metabolism as well.
  • Mind Over Matter guide: it explains how you state of mind can dramatically affect and alter your ability to lose or gain weight. Here you will learn how to retrain your mind and create a new attitude for you to be able to switch those receptors.
  • Drop a Jeans Size Diet: it details how you can drop one jean size in only nine days. If you are in an emergency and need to fit in those small sized pair of jeans, you will be able to do so with the help of this guide, which unlike the twelve week guide will help you adjust in a super fast way.
  • Boost Your Body Image: this is a tool that will help you restore confidence in yourself again. Losing weight is important, but it is also important to feel good about the way you are. In the current state of TV and general media, it can be easy to watch those perfect bodies from models and feel bad about yourself. You will learn to appreciate your body the way it is.
  • Three Months membership to Sue´s online forum and weight loss resources, recipes, tips, contents and strategies. You will be able to share and compare experiences with other users and also discuss and learn from Sue herself, who regularly answers users’ questions.


  • There is no need for an extreme diet since this type of diets can alter you metabolic functions.
  • You will not starve and you will no longer crave for food while following the nutrition program proposed.
  • You will train your mind and body to keep away the negative aspects of your life that may be preventing you from realizing your dreams. You will learn to keep focused on weight loss.
  • Each exercise is detailed in a step by step way and based on proven scientific facts that will help you not only physically but also in an intellectual way.
  • The program has been tested not only by Sue but also by a lot of women that give testimony of the results obtained.
  • A 60 day 100% money back guarantee is offered if you are not fully satisfied with the results achieved after following the guidebook’s strategies and plans.


  • This program in not meant for people who want quick answers. As with any other workout guide, commitment from your side will be essential to change your lifestyle.
  • It is actually very difficult to reach a smaller pant size in a single week time frame.
  • The program low price is probably going to be raised after its first week in the market.

In Conclusion

Sue Heinzte developed the perfect guide to lose weight while avoiding severe and harmful diets and nutritional plans. You will experience positive lifestyle changes along with a beautiful toned body. You will not starve anymore as your mind will be trained to prevent craving for food. You should definitely consider following The Beta Switch program to get amazing results and start enjoying the body you have always dreamt of!

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