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The Bad Boy Formula Review

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The Bad Boy Formula ReviewHave you ever wondered why you keep falling in the eternal friend zone? There is a phrase that is very popular and very accurate: the good and nice guys always finish last. Women always go about how much they would like to be with a gentle and nice guy, but when in front of a nice guy and one that is considered to be a bad boy they always choose the bad boy. If you feel that you are a nice guy but you are still single and you are tired of this situation, then The Bad Boy Formula e-book and web based style program will definitely get the nice out of you and add a bit of an edge to the way you are and interact with women.

You will no longer be alone and you will receive the attention you deserve. All those guys that behave like jerks will be left behind and you will not be ignored again since you will become a magnet to women looking for the new you. These jerks will not steal the woman of your dreams again and in case they try to do so, you will show them the way it is done with style. With this new program you will make the change from the sensitive guy that women can cry on to the alpha male you are born to be.

But make no mistake! Being badass does not mean to treat women with disrespect and disdain. That is not the way and they do not deserve that. With The Bad Boy Formula PDF guidebook, you will learn the right way to start a conversation with a woman, how to treat her, how to approach her and you will also learn the way that women perceive men as a whole. You will definitely be an expert in relationships and women will become obsessed with you. The material presented in this new program is simply astonishing and will not let you down.

The Bad Boy Formula Details

This new system was developed by Carlos Xuma. He has been helping men understand women for more than a decade. He has also been providing help and tips to date the opposite sex. He has published several books and he regularly updates his personal website. Carlos was also a victim of these disrespectful men that kept pushing him around and making him feel ashamed of himself. Over the years, Carlos perfected his ways and now he has become the bad boy every woman wants to be with. He is also the creator of the “alpha male” concept.

Carlos addresses the big range of personalities that exists and the way each one works when trying to attract and engage a woman. He believes that 85% of the male population is actually composed of nice guys and this system is targeted to them. The formula depicted in this guidebook will provide you with new strategies and tactics for you to follow and employ. You will understand how to create a new image of you and how to project it to those around you in an attractive way. The way a woman cannot resist.

If you are out of this 85% that Carlos is aiming to, you are either far too aggressive while trying to conquer a woman´s heart and body or you believe you do not have to change a bit. In both cases, this guide can help you tone down your aggression to improve your outcomes or it can help you gain new tactics to exhibit your masculinity in a way no woman can resist.

What Does The Program Contain?

The program is a web based style one. It is comprised of 16 videos, 6 MP3 archives and 4 PDF tutorials. It offers a lot of information. It is one of the most extensive packs available in the market and it will help you enlighten and make a better you. The guidebook will explain to you what type of behavior you possess, what a woman thinks about you and where and how you should be trying to play your game. The system includes a psychological overview of why women are attracted to the bad boy aspect of men. It also discusses strategies and defines a new way on how you will be able to impress and leave a mark on every woman you meet.

But bad boys should be attractive in their own way, not just jerks that push around nice guys to keep their dates. With the help of the additional MP3, PDFs and bonuses like references, examples, case studies and the full set of tutorials you will be able to regain confidence in yourself, leave your comfort zone and tweak the details you were missing in case you feel you do not need to change anything.


  • The program is highly detailed and full of information, tutorials, examples and references that will help you change from a nice guy to a badass bad boy.
  • It will help you boost your self confidence to the highest possible level.
  • You will understand how a woman´s mindset work, what attracts them and what turns them off.
  • The information presented is fully detailed and presented in an easy to read and follow way.


  • Some men might find the information too aggressive for their style and they can decide to continue to be the nice guys they already are, which is not bad, but it will surely keep them away from having the date they want.

In Conclusion

If you think your opportunities are passing by and you are just watching them go by without being able to do something, why not giving a try to this new program?

Download The Bad Boy Formula guidebook and learn how you can reinvent yourself, improve your strategies, become a new person and change the way you interact with women. You will no longer be pushed around by other guys with questionable attitudes. Become a bad boy and turn yourself into every woman´s dream!
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