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That’s Not How Men Work

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That’s Not How Men Work ReviewIt is not easy to attract men. Sometimes, it happens that you are good looking, funny and intelligent and, still, he prefers some other girl or chooses to be alone. Also, a lot of women say that they do not know how to truly attract their boyfriends since they don’t understand men, which ends up ruining the relationship.

The key factor is to know that men and women are different. We don’t think the same way, we don’t communicate alike and we don’t expect the same reactions from our partner. It’s essential to understand the main differences between genders to carry a healthy and positive relationship.

I have been researching some online programs about this issue, which has always interested me, and I found the excellent That’s Not How Men Work.

What is ‘That’s Not How Men Work’ about?

This eBook is a simple and comprehensive guide on how to understand men and how to attract them in a healthy, deep way.

The creator of this eBook is Marni Kinrys, a respected dating and relationship coach, known as the nº1 Wing Girl in the world. Therefore, she has combined her Wing Girl method and her coaching knowledge in That’s Not How Men Work, creating a complete, useful guide for women.

With this guide, you will gain instant online access to a program that will teach you, step by step, how to induce a man to want you, chase you, love you and commit to you. You will receive interesting bonuses like Confessions From A Wing Girl (special interview with the famous love guru Bernando Mendez and Marni), Unlock His Secrets (audio interview) and Intoxicate Him With Desire (audio interview).

The best part is that you will receive all of these useful items for only $47.

What does That’s Not How Men Work include?

If you have lost your boyfriend… learn how to get him back!

If you are tired of being alone… learn how to find and attract the man of your dreams!

If you like someone but he is just not that into you… learn how to become his perfect girl!

With the tips, secrets and facts on this ebook, you will finally understand how men communicate and what they expect from you. You will be able to become an excellent partner that he will never want to let go. Plus, you will understand yourself much more, and you will be able to construct a healthy relationship in which both of you feel happy, relaxed and confident.

Since Marni, as the nº1 Wing Girl in the world, had the chance to work with thousands of men, she has understood the main aspects of the male psychology, which let her develop highly effective techniques to understand and attract men. This is the culmination of everything she has investigated and learned, and the secrets and tips she tells should be known by all women, since they are useful to enhance every relationship.

That’s Not How Men Work consists on a step by step method:

  • 1. Be aware of your mindset behaviors. Many women ruin their relationships because they are greedy, needy and jealous. These behaviors are extremely harming and they frighten men. Marni will teach you how to prevent these feelings and how to deal with them, so you can stop chasing away your man.
  • 2. Maintain healthy relationships. As soon as you start feeling comfortable and confident, your man suddenly disappears, and you feel confused because you don’t understand why he is avoiding you. On this step, you will learn how to respond to this typical manly behavior and what to do to warm him up again.
  • 3. Discover what he feels about you. Women are very expressive; men, on the other hand, prefer to keep their secrets for themselves. This essential difference confuses women, who expect that men communicate the same way they do. Marni will help you identify your man’s thoughts and expectations and to make him feel more confident with you. For example, some men love keeping their woman curious, so you will learn how to disarm them and make them curious too.
  • 4. Get the label. It is difficult for men to accept that they are interested on you and that they want to have a relationship. Sometimes, they are afraid or their friends joke about him being in love. However, women usually feel more committed and want their man to commit too. On this step, you will learn how to make him feel that it was his idea to put the label.
  • 5. Find out if he is actually the right man for you. You will discover the importance of not dating guys that are not good for you. You should not waste emotions, energy, time and money on men who will hurt you or who will disappear overnight. You will learn what kind of men and attitudes you should avoid and you will receive some case studies to discover if your man is ready to commit with you or not.
  • 6. Make him value your more. In this last step, you will understand why it is so important to be at your best. Men always feel attracted to women who are happy, confident and successful. Marni will give you some useful and simple techniques on how to become your best self, which will make him feel much more attracted and interested.

The Best Aspects

That’s Not How Men Work is an excellent guidebook. It has many advantages. I have listed some of them, but I am sure that you will find much more when you read it!

  • It offers simple, practical and effective techniques to make a man chase you and commit with you.
  • Understanding the male psychology will help you enhance every relationship with a man, from your boyfriend to your boss and father.
  • You will deeply understand men and how to carry a healthy relationship, without jealousy, hysteria and disdain. Both of you will enjoy a relationship without stress.
  • You will learn how to fix a damaged relationship.
  • It includes many excellent bonuses that you will find extremely interesting and useful. You will learn a lot in a simple way!
  • It is totally cost-effective, professionally knowledge for only $47! Plus, it includes a money back guarantee, so there are no monetary risks.
  • After the simple buying procedure, you will have instant online access. You will not need to wait for the mailman!
  • You can download it as an eBook or, if you prefer, you can read it online.
  • It is compatible with iPad, iPhone, desktop, laptop and tablet that can view PDF. Therefore, you can read it whenever and wherever you are.


  • If you have little or no internet access, it will be difficult for you to read this guide.
  • Some people prefer to have the hard book. If you are one of them, you will have to print it yourself.


All in all, That’s Not How Men Work offers interesting, simple and practical techniques and information to become your man’s dreamed woman. You will understand him so well and be such a good partner, that he will choose you over his work, buddies and hobbies. Plus, you will know how to build a healthy relationship, without unwanted damaging behaviors and feelings.

This book as written by a renowned relationship coach, which makes it extremely accurate and informative. Marni Kinrys has already helped thousands of men with his previous jobs and now she wants to do the same for women.

The eBook includes various useful bonuses and is totally affordable. Plus, it comes with a money back guarantee!

So, remember… If you have lost your boyfriend… learn how to get him back! If you are tired of being alone… learn how to find and attract the man of your dreams! If you like someone but he is just not that into you… learn how to become his perfect girl!

Download That’s Not How Men Work Now! It’s 100% risk-free for 60 Days! Click the button below:


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