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Tantra XO Review

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tantra XO reviewIt is a well know fact that the word “Tantra” enjoy men and women because it is linked to sex and, of course, sex sells well around the word. Besides, throughout the history, there has always been a link between sex and blame. And perhaps that is why the idea of holy intimacy is very attractive. “Tantra” has to do with having sex without feeling guilty or ashamed.

In spite of our moral principles, having sex is a display of sacredness and enlightenment through the medium of our bodies. Sex is our individual quest for on the holiest sources of energy of our souls. We tend to confuse sex with something different and throughout history we have trivialized it as a consequence of the fact that we link it to culpability. That is the reason why human beings tend to look for enthusiasm in sex and see it as a way of getting rekindled. Enthusiasm, in the end, is a way of stimulating our hearts; in fact this is why many wars were focused on the search of enthusiasm.

Practicing tantric sex is a holy and wonderful display of your energy. This marvelous act really differs from the restrictive idea of sex that has been imposed in Western civilizations. This restrictive idea of sex has led us to distort sexuality. This is the reason why Tantra is radical and non-restrictive ideology. And it is as old as history. Tantra sees sex as something sacred because it considers it from a spiritual perspective.

As you may know, no one has an innate talent or capacity related to sex. We make love lead by our energies and our feelings towards our beloved. Nevertheless, all of us have unique features. These characteristics belong to each one of us and no one will have the same that we have. This is the reason why each person has its own objectives, its own passion, etc. And those features are the ones that help you put all your passion to accomplish your desires.

Restraining the sexuality has no sense at all. It is similar to neglecting being hungry or the need of breathing. Tantra consists of not restraining your intimate desires. That explains why a Tantra Teacher can teach you how to employ your vigorous sexual power. You will learn how to focus on making love better and this will lead you to sheer pleasure. A Tantra teacher will teach you how to face your inhibitions and misinterpretations about sex.

If you learn Tantra you will comprehend why are caught in misinterpretations. And you will be an expert on the important role of nature in making us capable of achieving our best sexual ability. Your tantric trainer will teach you how to achieve your highest goal: being better at making love, knowing your energy, your body and your soul, and being conscious of the importance of having a good sexual life.

The most important aim of the Tantra trainer is to help you to eliminate all your repressions about sex. So you will get rid of your guilt and shames about the most sacred act of all. That is the reason why when someone starts to learn about Tantra with an expert, he forgets all their worries and learn to be one with their bodies. Since the greatest thing of all and the one that make you happiest is to know yourself, once sexuality becomes a sacred flow of energy, the person will feel a total connection with the cosmos.

For instance, a female deity is a woman who has learnt to know herself in depth. In order to obtain this knowledge she must be independent even if all the things surrounding her are not. If she can do this, she will be able to heal her karmic wounds and repressions and she will start being closer to her energy. A female deity must know her heart and thoughts in order to keep the things she need and get rid of the things that she does not need and that are preventing her from connecting with the cosmos.

Hence, Tantra has to do with knowledge and study of the principles of our way of living as an art exhibition. This practice is Indian and it is a way of seeing how humans being tend to live and how to examine our intimate powers. It is an art and is contrary to our idea of sex as an elated practice with someone else.

After knowing all this information, do want to start living a different life, one full of knowledge and sheer pleasure? Is the idea of having more satisfaction through a more focused way of having sex attracting to you? Will you allow this practice that is 6000 years old enter your life and change you forever, making you more conscious about your mind, soul and body? Are you ready to live another life, full of sexual fulfill?

If you are, let me share my results with you. Like you, I was enjoying my sexual life, but I knew that I was restraining myself because of many things that were surrounding me.  But I was not absolutely conscious about these inhibitions till I gave a try to the Tantra XO technique. With it, I learned to adjust all the organs of my body and I developed into a Goddess. How did I do this? Using this technique that taught me to go through all the misleading ideas I had about sex, and that help know my own body. This led me to have a better sexual life without any guilt, just full of pleasure. I eliminate all the bad ideas I had about sex and I became a free woman.

I did not believe a lot in holy thing and I have to acknowledge that it was a little difficult for me to believe I Tantra at first. The ideas of power and connection with the cosmos sounded as crazy things for me. But although I was having a good sexual life with my partner I started feeling that I was kind of stuck. I thought I could be better and that both of us could have more pleasure.

At that moment I decided to know about Tantra. I had used other methods, but I felt I needed something that helped me understand myself better. I bought Tantra XO because it was one of the only methods that offered to refund the money after 60 days of you were not satisfied. So I thought to myself: “I can give it a try and if it let me down I can have the money back”. Then something miraculous happened: the very same day I started learning about Tantra, I had a marvelous night with my partner. And the best thing of all is that I gained sexual confidence and I learnt how to have a healthier and better sexual life. I have never felt guilty about sex again since then. And now I feel like a Goddess that has an infinite power that is based on myself and that will be mine forever and ever.

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