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Survival Life Review

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Survival Life ReviewYou can never be too careful! Surely, you have already heard this phrase a lot of times before, but how much attention have you paid to it? Whether you are an avid pro survivalist or a beginner who is willing to immerse yourself into the survival world, you should always aspire to know yourself better and become a wiser prepper.

Preparedness and survival training is not a new subject for the world and many people have turned to survival guides and teachings especially after the events of 9-11. There are many survival web sites available in the market, but those are not as complete as Survival Life. This is a web site that has it all, ranging from tactics and gears to specific survival items. All this information and details can be found in this complete and thorough web site. It has been created by several like-minded people interested in providing effective and accurate tips and recommendations about the survival world. The Survival Guide program is a huge hub of knowledge for anyone looking to be prepared for all kind of contingencies.

Survival Life Website Details

The website has been created by experts on different fields. The most important among them are Joe Marshall, creator of several survivor books that can be found and bought on Amazon,  Dave Canterbury, a Dual Survival star with more than 20 years of military and civilian survival experience, Dave Scott, a wilderness expert with more than 5 years in the military and also a  qualified tracker specialist and Jason Hanson, a former CIA agent, skilled and certified in personal protection and author of the Covert Guide to Concealed Carry. All of them created this website with loads of information and guidance that will keep preppers busy for a very long time.

In the site you can visit the different sections available that will provide you with important information for free. Among those sections, you will find Personal Safety, Financial Survival, Survival Skills and Gear and Do It Yourself guides. Here you will learn reliable survival information to withstand and survive all kinds of natural or economic disasters you might find yourself in. The site also provides sections such as Members Area and Experts. You will be granted access to the Members Area after subscribing to the Lamplighter Society for just a mere $20 per month. The subscription includes access to reports, archives on notes already published, the survival guide and a monthly physical subscription that usually has between 3 to 5 how-to articles. In the Experts area you will get to know the contributors of the site better.

Becoming a member will also grant you access to some specific guides that not everyone is knowledgeable on, such as how to purify 170 gallons of water a day, how to grow food in a sustainable manner as well as hydroponic gardening, storing solar power and surviving a blaze.

You will also gain online access to previously delivered newsletters along with special reports, real-life case studies and in-depth analysis of books and reviews for survival guides. Also on the site you will be able to discover the Survival Life Credit Card Knife.

What is the Credit Card Knife?

The website also offers a Credit Card Knife. Its size is approximately the size of a typical and real life credit card. This size will conveniently suit you to fit in your pocket or wallet. In case of need, this credit card can unfold and turn into a fully functional knife. It is made of surgical steel and has a protective hand guard.

You will be able to acquire for free this new and special item highly praised in the community. You will only have to pay for the shipping and handling which is no more than $5. You will then receive the item a few days after providing your shipping and address details.


  • It is an easy to read and navigate website, full of online tutorials and products written by experts that are publicly recognized.
  • The newsletter provides 3 to 5 new how-to articles per month, cutting edge reports, real life case studies and more.
  • You will be provided with tips and strategies for all the year seasons that are explained and detailed in an easy and practical way.
  • The program only costs $20 a month for subscribing and becoming a real prepper.
  • Lamplighter Society has a 30 day refund policy and the products acquired on the site have a 45 days money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the results obtained.


  • Becoming a prepper requires study and a lot of reading to immerse yourself in its knowledge. To achieve this goal, you will find a lot of information and it can sometimes be overwhelming. But once again, a survivalist must always be ready.

In Conclusion

With the Survival Life program the meaning of the sentence ´You can never be too careful´ is widely expanded and looked upon. The website offers a lot of priceless information full of value to survivalists. Besides, it also teaches you how to become an expert prepper on your own.

The Survival Life website was created and is maintained by experts that are widely acknowledged by the public in general and survivalists in particular. You fill find uncommon uses for your everyday items, without having any knowledge of them. Do not hesitate and start your preparation right now!

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