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Pregnancy Approach Review

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Pregnancy Approach BookIf you know the Pregnancy Approach developed by Lauren Lee and you want to know if it is true that it can help you get pregnant in a natural way, then you are welcomed to read this review.

Here we will tell you what the Pregnancy Approach Guide consists of, what Lauren Lee teaches throughout its pages, and the benefits and negative aspects of her program. The idea is to help you know if the Guide is what you are looking for and to help you make a conscious decision before buying the program.

Let’s begin with some information about the rationale behind the Pregnancy Approach method.

What does the Pregnancy Approach consist of?

Invented by Lauren Lee, a writer and a woman who suffered from infertility, Pregnancy Approach is an easy handbook that will teach you an effective and proven method that was created to help women get pregnant in a natural way in two months.

Like you, Lauren went through the frustration that you feel when you can’t get pregnant. She said her life changed forever when she found the method she explains in the Pregnancy Approach Guide.  According to her declarations, if you follow the plan she describes in the guide you can have the same experience, that is, change your infertility problems and get pregnant all the times you want…

In brief, these are some of the things Lauren Lee explains in the Pregnancy Approach handbook:

  •  A 4-step method that will teach you how to get pregnant in two months
  • One error that many couples unconsciously make and which destroys their possibilities of conceiving a baby.
  • The truth about why many traditional fertility methods do not work, and what you can do to obtain better results.
  • If you are a man, you will find out the 7 things you must do so as to increase the number of sperms and improve their velocity.
  • Valuable information about how to know if your body is ready to get pregnant and many ways to bolster those signs.
  • A particular method designed to improve by up to 250% your chances of getting pregnant.
  • Two things conventional doctors tell their patients that, instead of helping, hinder the chances of conceiving.
  • How to distinguish and correct the infertility signs.
  • 3 things you must do before trying to change your infertility by means of a natural method.
  • An effective technique that many doctors know and that can help you solve your problem.

Apart from the Pregnancy Approach principal guide, Lauren Lee also gives you 3 extra bonuses:

Bonus 1: The “2015 Baby Name Book”. It is the latest edition of the publication and it will offer you a list of the best-liked baby names and the story behind each one of them.

Bonus 2: Customized Coaching. This offer will last just some months. It will give you pieces of advice and guidance from Lauren Lee. For instance, you will receive an email in which Lauren will help you create a personal fertility plan based on the techniques she details in the Pregnancy Approach Guide.

Bonus 3: Limitless Lifelong Updates. This one is easy to understand.

These are the basic things you will find in the Pregnancy Approach method. If you want to have more information about the principal guide and all the topics that Lauren deals with in the book, you can just click here: https://www.reviewsfactor.com/visit/PregnancyApproach.

Let’s move on to the fundamental part: the benefits and negative aspects of the program:

Review about the Pregnancy Approach Program

  • Benefits and Negative Aspects of the Pregnancy Approach Program
  • Benefits

It is a cheap, natural and fast way to get pregnant.

Depending on the State you live, the price of in vitro fertilization (https://href.li/?https://americanpregnancy.org/infertility/in-vitro-fertilization -IVF) will be too expensive. In America, the usual cost of this kind of treatment per cycle is a huge $12,000, and the majority of plans don’t include the costs of the medicines, which can be about $7,000.

A great disadvantage of treatments like IVF is the possibility of having multiple births. Besides, there are many side effects associated to them, like abdominal pain, nauseas, mood changes, headaches, weight gain, and photopsias.

We are not telling you not to try traditional treatments. But if you can use a natural treatment that is quite cheap and fast, don’t you think it would be reasonable to give it a try before trying the traditional ones? If you could afford an IVF treatment and its medicines, we are sure that you will be able to pay the Pregnancy Approach Guide.

The method work for women of all ages, no matter the reproductive characteristics or diseases

The program can be used by women even in their 40s. Lauren said that many of her clients had been diagnosed with infertility as a consequence of different reproductive issues, such as blocked ovary tubes, and even those women could get positive results following her book.

Easy to Understand and Follow

The Pregnancy Approach guide is written in an informal and easy-to-read style. It does not have difficult words or specific jargon, and so it will not confuse you. You might even enjoy reading it! Besides this time it includes the Baby Name Book that is really engaging.

Customized Coaching and Consultation

Although this offer will last just some months, it is important that Lauren offers to give you customized pieces of advice. Reading a guide is fantastic, but there is nothing like having your doubts and questions answered by the writer.

You can have your money within 2 months.

If you and your partner have followed all the recommendations and the step-by-step plan and you haven’t achieved the results you expected, then you can tell Lauren within 2 months from the day you bought the book and she will give you the money back.

To put it simply, this promise makes the Pregnancy Approach Guide an investment without risks.

Negative Aspects

It is not a Sure-fire Solution

In spite of the fact that we would love to assure that all the women that will follow the program will definitely get pregnant in 2 months, we cannot. It is important that you remember that all the women are different from each other and that infertility may be caused by many reasons. So while it is true that the system will improve your chances of getting pregnant in a natural way, it is not a sure-fire solution.

Follow the program step-by-step

You must read the Pregnancy Approach Guide from beginning to end and must follow it word by word. If you cannot follow instructions and do things step-by-step, then make sure your partner does it.

Available only Online

Until now, the program is only available online, in a digital book version. You can download it immediately after paying for it. If you don’t like digital things, then perhaps you will not like this program.

Lauren Lee’s Pregnancy Approach


All in all, we think that the Pregnancy Approach is a fantastic alternative to get pregnant, totally different from traditional fertility treatments. We know that many couples that cannot afford a IVF cycle would find this method useful, and what is really good is that you can try it and have your money back within 2 months if are not satisfied with it.

Lauren Lee says that most of the women who have tried this technique step-by-step could get pregnant in a few weeks. This can certainly be true because people will have Lauren lee’s personal recommendations apart from the plan detailed in the main guide.

Besides, the Pregnancy Approach book is easy to comprehend and put into practice, it is hardly possible that you get it wrong…

Anyway, we must say that the Pregnancy Approach is not for all the people.

You are too skeptical, if cannot follow plans step-by-step, or if you believe this is a magical solution, then the Pregnancy Approach manual might be not for you.

On the contrary, if you don’t want to be called “infertile” anymore, if you want to stop doing in vitro treatments because they have not been successful for you, or if you want to try to get pregnant in a natural and cheap way, then the Pregnancy Approach can be a good option for you.

Additionally, since you can have your money back within 2 months if you are not satisfied, we think you have nothing to lose if you try this method.

Ok, this is the end of the Pregnancy Review. We hope it was helpful and we are eager to know your pregnancy story!


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