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My Affiliate Insider Review

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My Affiliate Insider ReviewDo you have a killer diet program that you want to show to the world, but you do not have any knowledge on web design and do not know how to implement it? What you need is an affiliate website and you can find the best option the market has to offer on My Affiliate Insider.

This is a new and innovative affiliate membership program that will help you build and design a weight loss and diet review web site. Through this website you will be able to show the world what your new diet is about. Becoming a member of the program has no cost and they will provide you with a way to make your diet website become a profitable business option. Before you can start working with My Affiliate Insider, youwill have to first register for only $29.95 a month in BigBlueHosting, which is the web hosting service for the membership program.

Once registered you will have to provide your username, password and domain name site to the guys at My Affiliate Insider and they will create your new website. They will provide you with the basic tools and guide you to become a powerhouse in website diet reviews. You will need to choose the right name for your web domain. It has to be catchy and get consumers’ attraction. They will also tell you how you will be able to earn commissions from the web you have created with them. But they do not provide the marketing for your site. You will need to market it on your own to attract the proper traffic to the site and start making profits out of it.

My Affiliate Insider Details

This affiliation membership system was created by Michael Beeson, an internet marketer who has already helped lots of people build their own web business models. He and his team will help your business grow from scratch and you will be able to make it a success. Making money online is a reality and this is the way to do it.

Even though you have received the best website available, you will need to put some effort into it to make it work. You will need to attract traffic to it. This is the one issue this membership program does not address. That will be your job. They will provide basic knowledge, but the SEO part of the business is up to you. You will need to market the site properly to the right audience if you want it to be successful. Generating constant updates and traffic is of the utmost importance in this kind of online business.

The website is generated on a special template. It will contain all the information you want it to have in a “fit all” format. If you are an expert at SEO you will have no problems in ranking it up high in all search engines. You will also receive $20 for each new customer you refer to try and accept the affiliation program trial.

What Can You Expect From The Program?

Upon purchasing a trial offer you will receive a $150 bonus in your account. By reaching to Google Adwords and Facebook ads, you will be receiving constant traffic to your website and having higher possibilities to receive commissions from clicks on the affiliate links provided. Long term success is guaranteed if you can attract the necessary traffic to it. This is an outstanding tool for an online business model.

The system provides you with the tools you need to support your website. It is integrated into the package that comes after becoming a member of Affiliate Insider. And the best part is that it requires no money from you. It is the perfect business model if you are a beginner in the internet market. Remember that the site is built for you. You will just input all the necessary information you want to display on it.


  • The cost for signing up to the web hosting is really affordable. All web hosting are paid after all. There is no free hosting.
  • You only have to provide the information. The website will be built for you in a special template created for this purpose.
  • The affiliation program will help you start with the basics of marketing for your site so that you do not have to do it at first.


  • You can only choose BigBlueHosting. There is no other option left.
  • You will be able to provide all the information you want for the site. However, the final “look and feel” of it is decided by the web programmers.
  • You have to generate the traffic to the website. The affiliation system helps you get on track but it does not do the job for you.
  • Only diet and weight loss programs can be created for the moment.

In Conclusion

If you are looking to start making money online and you are an expert at SEO, this is the ideal solution for you! By just making a small investment at hiring the web hosting, and with no other extra charges, you will have a professional looking website, properly optimized and ready to start making profits. Remember that you still need to generate the traffic to the website by yourself, but it is just a small issue. Give this program a try and you will be shocked by the results and earnings you will obtain!

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