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Master Guitar Play Review

master guitar play reviewWould you like to play the guitar but you have no idea where to start? Make your dream come true: become a guitarist, one of the best guitar websites for new guitarists. You will find a useful guitar system, explained step by step, that will enormously help you to learn how to play the guitar in a simple way. Paul Gronow, expert guitar player and certified UK instructor, will guide you through the lessons.

Who is Paul Gronow

Paul Gronow is the founder of the website Master Guitar Play Membership. He has over 39 years of professional experience as a guitar student, teacher, online director and player. He also directs offline and online music and guitar theory. Paul Gronow asserts that if you want to be a successful guitar player, it will not only depend on the resources you find, the lessons you take, your finger’s size or your talent; it will mainly depend on your capacity to relate with an expert on the guitar playing field.

If you want to conquer your guitar lesson, this expert will wisely guide you, step by step, until you reach the goals you wanted to reach. You will achieve higher goals easily and more fast than playing your guitar alone. With the guidance of an expert like Paul, you will find all the experience and knowledge you were looking for (with audios, videos and charts).

Paul Gronow’s Master Guitar Play Step System  

Paul Gronow is considered one of the best guitarist players, with over 39 years of experience as a guitar tutor, song writer, musical director, recorder and guitar and music website creator. According to him, it is not necessary for you to buy Guitar Play Step System, but it is necessary, if you truly want to master your guitar, to invest into guitar experience.

With his System, you will adore your flexible learning system… wherever and whenever you want to practice! You will be given five HD and SD quality video lessons online and highest quality audio guides, tracks and charts in PDF, backing tracks and summaries in mp3 format.

The Step System tries to offer their members the best quality and organized video lessons online and an excellently well balanced schedule to minimize their frustration and wasted time, to reach a reasonably priced course and to intensify their enjoyment.

Complete Master Guitar Play Review Step System (1º Step)

In this review you will find the valuable aspects on the Member’s area of MGP Step 1. This first step will offer you five exhaustive HD and SD guitar lessons, and additional resources such as audio guides in MP3 format (that will summarize you every lesson and introduce you to the next one). You will also be given PDF files, such as backing tracks, charts, texts and exercise sheets. If you have already taken your guitar lessons and you want to test yourself, you will have an interesting Interactive Quiz, innovatively thought and developed to specify your learning potential.

These are the five lessons that you will receive in the first step:

  • Getting Started

Lesson 1. Learn the importance of setting an action plan and keeping your journal. Discover different types of guitars, parts of the instrument, finger numbers, names of the strings and ways of tuning your guitar. Once you have passed the first lesson, you will receive 20% of the mark and you will be able to continue with the second lesson.

  • Chords

Lesson 2. Examine and study all about the harmony and chords, as well as the significance of having the ability to make your own guitar chords and toolkit. You will easily obtain your chord progressions, helped by chord charts. Once you have finished this lesson, you will have 40% of the mark.

  • Rhythm

Lesson 3. Discover various patterns and types of rhythms, helped by rhythm charts. Once you have mastered these, you will get 60% of the mark.

  • Theory of Guitar Music – Part 1

Lesson 4. Understand better the chromatic scale. During this lesson, you will be guided by Paul, so don’t worry. Once you have learned about this topic, you will have 80% in Master Guitar Play Step 1.

  • Making Music

Lesson 5. Create your personal music! On this lesson, you will have to incorporate all your previous learning, and you will now be ready to take the Interactive Quiz. This Quiz will help you to see how much you have learned so far. If you fail it, no problem: you will be able you revise all the lessons and to retake the Quiz.

It is impossible not to learn how to play the guitar with Master Guitar Play, and most its members are incredibly satisfied with its benefits. Paul Gronow is an excellent and expert tutor, and the easy step by step formula that he has designed, guarantees a useful and interesting experience in learning guitar. According to some members, they have gained confidence and competence in a short time.

If you are tired of having your guitar as an ornament and you want to have it on your lap, being able to play it, you should totally get this program!

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