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Learn How to Flirt

how to flirt6 Fabulous Tips on How to Flirt!

There are those of you who are a bit new or who just plain struggle with the dating game, but there is no reason to worry. At least, there will not be once you read over the following fabulous tips on how to flirt. If you’re not really sure what exactly ‘flirting’ is, it’s just communicating your attraction for somebody in a casual way. It doesn’t necessarily have to lead to anything, it could just be a little ego boost in your day, and if you are interested in the person you’re flirting with, it could always lead to something more!

  1. Look Them in the Eyes

You don’t want to stare them down… that could actually be interpreted as creepy, and that’s definitely not the impression you want to leave. Just make sure to make occasional glances their way until they look over, which they will because people can sense when someone is looking at them, and then hold eye contact for a couple seconds. You can do this a couple times if you are across the room from them, but be sure to combine it with:

  1. A Smile

Make sure to smile at the person you’re flirting with while making eye contact, this way it doesn’t come off as aggressive. A smile can communicate so much without having to say a word. It is an effective and essential tool in the flirting tool box, so you should put it to good use. Different smiles will go with the flirting approach that suits you best. A bright, full, teeth showing smile is best for fun, easy going flirting, while a smirk, or half smile, is best for a more mysterious, seductive approach.

  1. Head Over There and Start Talking

Now, that you’ve made visual contact, walk on over to the person you are flirting with and strike up a conversation. The topics should be light, nothing too deep or serious, and make sure to ask the person about themselves. It will show that you are interested in them, and what they have to say, which they should appreciate. Although you want to keep the conversation focused on them, it’s still important to share some information about yourself so that the conversation doesn’t stall or seem too one sided. Remember, this is flirting, not an interview! All people are different, so try and judge from their reactions and body language whether they are interested. If they are they will be facing you, possibly leaning towards you, and making eye contact while they talk to you.

  1. Express Your Interest

You want to make it fairly clear that you are interested in them by complimenting them in your conversation. Otherwise you could be misinterpreted as simply being friendly, which is fine if that’s all you want with your flirting, but if you want to take it further it’s important that they know that you’re interested.

A way to do this in conversation is to complement the person, whether it’s on their looks or their personality or character, just try to make it a bit genuine. Instead of a sort of generic compliment like, “You’re eyes are beautiful”, which, while nice, isn’t the most original, say, “The way the color of your eyes change when the light hits them is really stunning”. You will obviously use a compliment that is more specific to the person you are talking to, but try to make it a more specific compliment so that it doesn’t seem like you’ve said it a thousand times before.

A nonverbal way to express your interest in the person you’re flirting with is to make physical contact with them. It’s important not to be too forward too quickly, we don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable so don’t grope them. However, touching them on the shoulder to get their attention, or brushing their arm when you are laughing at a joke are great ways to let them know you are interested. Once you have made your move you will have to gauge their reaction for yourself. If they seem to appreciate your attention, give them a kiss on the cheek or a peck on the lips as you go your separate ways, but before you ending this little flirting session don’t forget step 5:

  1. Ask Them Out

If things are going really well and you want to go out with this person, there’s no better way of going through with it, than asking them out directly. Otherwise, you may not have the opportunity to go out together and you may actually end up friend zoned. If you want to go out with someone and see where it goes, you can’t afford to wait for them to make the first move. So, ask them if they are doing anything that weekend and ask for their number.

  1. Don’t Worry About It

Whether or not a person goes out with you or not, for that matter, whether or not they responded to your flirting you should still go for it! Some people in the world just aren’t attracted to each other and that’s fine, but it shouldn’t stop you from trying to make a connection with someone. Remember, this is just a casual interaction letting someone know you’re interested, so don’t let it stress you out. Are 100% of people going to respond to you flirting, probably not, but, there will be plenty of people who will respond. Don’t worry about being rejected because it happens to everyone and it will only make you anxious and your body language stiff. Just relax and enjoy your harmless flirting, whether it leads anywhere or not.

If you are attracted to a person then you should definitely flirt with them, because even if it goes nowhere, at least you know you tried. Flirting is a pretty helpful solution for doing that, so follow these tips that let you know what to do, and you’ll become so much happier for doing it.

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