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Irresistible Confidence Review

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Irresistible Confidence ReviewAre you looking for a program that will teach you how to talk to a woman and make her fall in love with you? Have you already tried different options with no results? If so, the Irresistible Confidence e-book is exactly what you need. There are different kinds of systems about the art of attracting women or dating available on the internet. However, not all of them are suitable for all men. As effective as they may be, it is important to find the guide that best meets your needs.  In this aspect, Irresistible Confidence will come in handy!

This effective guidebook is based on powerful neuro linguistic programming (NLP) techniques.  The program was developed by Michael Griswold, an attraction and NLP expert. Through a step by step program, he will provide you with different tips on how to create attraction and seduce the woman you are interested in. By following this guide, you will be able to say the correct things to set in motion a woman’s attraction without her even noticing.

Although it may seem a lot of nonsense to you, you will be surprised by the results achieved. If you want to become a successful man with women, give this system a try!

Irresistible Confidence Details

The Irresistible Confidence system will help you become a successful man when talking to women at bars by using strategies and structures based on the NLP theory. It will not only provide information about what to say but also will teach you how to read body language and play your role correctly, among other important, modern and interesting ideas.

Once you purchase this product, you will get access to both the e-book and the website. The main program is described in the e-book but this information is complemented by a set of videos that will help you reinforce what you learn. You will also be granted access to a members’ area in which you will find additional and updated information about pickup sentences and conversational hooks.

As previously mentioned, the program focuses on body language. In fact, this topic is thoroughly analyzed. You will be able to learn not only how to read body language but also how to use it both to reward or penalize the woman’s behavior.

The program classifies women into five different categories to better lead you into talking to them. These five stereotypes are a bit generic. Although they seem precise and sensible, this division will force you to fit every woman you meet into one of these categories so that you can make the best out of the guide. Your intuition will be greatly appreciated in this aspect.

Apart from dealing with strategies on how to approach women in bars by saying the correct words, the guidebook also includes a deep discussion on gender roles and how they affect people as well as long term relationships.

Moreover, you will learn to create a special bond and empathized with women. You will be able to overcome all the obstacles women generally place. This will lead you to a different stage where confidence, intimacy and understanding will play an essential role in the establishment of a significant relationship.


– The program provides you with a variety of different and important features. It is not just about saying the correct things to women. It also has to do with body language, with the connection and empathy you establish with them and the different techniques you can use to pass the tests women generally make men take.

– The method proposed and described in this guide is based on NLP rules and principles.

– In the members’ area you will enjoy different types of bonuses from dating strategies, videos and interviews with experts on relationships to reports and texts on how to prevent usual difficulties in relationships.

– As far as body language is concerned, you will be able to access a set of videos in which you will see it in action so that following it and putting it into practice will not be a problem.

– In your way to learn how to attract women by talking, you will be able to post questions, chat with other members and join different discussions in progress about NPL techniques as needed.


– The guidebook is only available on the internet. For people living in areas with limited or no internet access this may be a drawback since they might not be able to use and access the program correctly.

– If you experience difficulties in approaching a woman or just feel uncomfortable about it, the guide will not be of great help to make this particular issue easier for you.

– This program was designed to be used in bars. If you are interested in meeting woman at another place, the guide will not work.

– Leaving the body language chapter aside, most of the rest of the information and details provided are popular and of common knowledge. It is not false or inaccurate data but it does not provide anything different compared to the other programs available.

– Some parts and pieces of advice are quite uncertain and unspecified to the point that you have to figure out the missing details to make what is described happen.

– This program does not offer magical solutions. On the contrary, as not all the information is well listed and described, some extra work on your side will be needed if you really want to take advantage of this guidebook and its benefits.

In Conclusion

In spite of providing a lot of bonuses and a complete manual and members’ area, this program is not for everyone. However, if you know how to approach a woman in a bar and feel confident about this but are interested in being more successful and make your relationships last and be more romantic, do not hesitate and download the Irresistible Confidence guide!

Although this guide lacks consistency in some areas, it is really effective in others. It provides a strong and extremely useful body language section. So anyone interested in this specific topic will benefit from it. After going through this program, you will be able to talk to women in bars by using NLP techniques and your body language accordingly.

In case you want to overcome the paralyzing fear of rejection you feel when talking to women at bars and become the perfect man in the eyes of your woman, the Irresistible Confidence PDF e-book is for you!

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