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Improve Physical Attractiveness

Improve Sexual AttractionThere are people in the world who seem to attract people effortlessly, who only need to walk into a room in order to get people attracted to them. For those of us who are mere mortals in comparison to their mystical charisma, it’s hard to understand what we can do in order to obtain this allure. However, fear not, for if you follow the five tips listed below you will be among the sensual elite in no time at all!

5 Ways to Improve Physical Attractiveness

  1. Play to the Senses: Scent

There are different levels of attraction, and one of the most powerful levels of attraction is on the subconscious level. There are certain stimuli that you only register through your senses on a subconscious level, but can still influence your moods or actions. An example of this is through scent, you see there are times when you smell something and it automatically makes you feel good and even drawn towards the scent. On the other side of the coin, a pungent scent will repel anyone you might be trying to attract, possibly even disgusting them. So, in order to leave the right impression, even on a subconscious level, make sure to wear an appealing perfume or body spray before going out. Also, don’t forget to chew some minty, or otherwise appealingly scented gum, or take a mint if you want to attract people. They will gravitate towards you as if you are the most beautifully scented flower in the room.

  1. Play to the Senses: Sight

If you are trying to improve your sexual charisma, there’s no denying that a major part of it deals with looks. Having an attractive appearance will definitely be an advantage towards being sexually attractive to others. People who are naturally attractive might have a bit of an extra advantage, but you’d be surprised at how little natural looks factors into sexual attraction. With the help of a bit of make-up and some flattering clothes, you will be looking gorgeous and will have plenty of people’s attention snared. Although, it’s important to mention that, while it’s fantastic to wear makeup and clothes that help accentuate your looks, it’s also important not to overdo it. Wear some light makeup that will help accentuate your best features, and hide some of your blemishes, but don’t wear it to the point that it looks like a mask and you can’t even tell how you really look underneath. After all, if someone becomes attracted to something that isn’t you, it will only lead to false confidence. You will have faith in your looks only because you look like someone else, when really you should learn to accentuate the beauty you already have. Also, no using the excuse “I don’t have any natural beauty” because everyone has at least one beautiful feature they were born with!

  1. Confidence

The factors of sexual attraction that you can physically see and smell are important, but so is the mindset that you’re in. Confidence is an extremely important factor in being able to sexually attract people around you. Having an alluring appearance and scent will only get you so far if you seem awkward or self conscious. Start believing in yourself and have confidence in your own sex appeal. A few tips in body language that will help convey the confidence you feel are: stand up straight (it’s not only good posture, but also shows pride and confidence in yourself), make eye contact with people, and when you speak, be sure to speak up and clearly, because mumbling displays lack of confidence.

  1. Attitude

When you can convey your charisma through your attitude towards people, they will immediately respond to it. The body language you learned to show confidence will help you with this, but there are some other things you can do to show an attractive attitude. A great smile can do wonders for someone. Don’t worry, because it doesn’t have to be a thousand watt smile that you would see in a tooth paste commercial. Just smile as naturally and as comfortably as you can, maybe a sly smirk or a lopsided grin will suit you better, the point is to show people through your attitude that you are personable and easy to approach.

  1. Make Your Move

Once everything has come together, your physical appearance, scent, your mindset and emotional status, it’s time to put them all together show your attractiveness through your actions. Start taking the initiative and make the first move. If you see someone you’re interested walk up to them and strike up a conversation. It will show that you have confidence in your attractiveness and when you smile at them it will let them know you’ve interested. Your put together appearance and your alluring scent will both work to draw them in. Next, you can lightly brush them on the shoulder during the conversation, to bring an added layer of intimacy.

The 5 ways of improving sexual attraction will help you become more attractive on physical, mental, and emotional levels. Once you use these tips, and know them well enough that they become a part of your mentality, you will be well on your way to being one of those people who don’t even have to try to attract others.

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