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Home Workout Revolution Review

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Home Workout Revolution ReviewFor those who can’t afford or simply don’t like spending money in expensive gym memberships, there is a new fitness program that will help them lose fat fast at their own home: Home Workout Revolution. By making use of a vast amount of exercise videos (a record of 80), Craig Ballantyne, a Certified Turbulence Trainer and health author and writer for several magazines, will guide you through a fast, simple and easy to follow workout that can be done on your spared time or can be easily fit into your daily agenda. With this new 12-week program that also includes a nutrition plan together with the expertly designed videos, you will burn extra body fat very fast.

Home Workout Revolution Details

This all new system has been developed in collaboration with the praised Certified Turbulence Trainers Mike Whitfield and Brian Kalaky and will surely provide you with great results in a few weeks. Below you will find a description of all its contents:

  • 51 Home Workouts: Certified Trainers have made sure that you can easily follow the workouts without any doubts. As the program comprises digital videos, you can watch them on any digital device, such as tablets, iPads or iPhones. Anyone can gain benefit from them regardless their age or gender. Besides, it does not matter if you have no previous experience in working out since the guide will help you to have a swift and easy start.
  • 12-week Program Guide: This is a 46-page guide that teaches you the exercises you will be performing in the coming weeks. The workout schedule contains the instructions for you to follow on a daily basis.
  • Exercise Manual: In case you can´t have access to the videos, want to get additional information about the workouts or you just simply can’t remember them, you can refer to the manual to find details on how to perform each and every exercise. The manual also comprises photos of all the exercises. Moreover, users can also learn to incorporate their favorite workout program into the Home Workout Revolution system.
  • Nutrition guide: The program incorporates a nutrition guide with all the facts about the meals you should take during the 12-week program. Here you will find information not only about the meals the experts recommend but also about when, how and where to eat them without feeling guilty and without stopping reducing fat altogether.
  • 80 Workout Videos: Along with the manual and nutrition guide you will find 80 videos to create the perfect workout system for you to follow in order to get the highest results. The 80 videos set contains:
  •  10 Beginner Bodyweight Videos: This is the basic start point for people who are new in the exercise field or people who haven´t exercised for a while and want to start over from scratch.
  • 15 Tabata Style Workout Videos: Enhancing cardio shaping and fitness can be achieved by performing 20/10 Tabata style exercises. This is a special style of density training that takes only 4 minutes, interesting time for those who have a tight schedule. The Tabata style exercises can also be added to people’s current workout routine.
  • 15 Bodyweight Circuit and Superset Videos: a circuit refers to at least three workouts done one after the other with minimum or no rest between them. A superset refers to two exercises that work on opposite groups of muscles done one after the other also with minimal rest. Craig has included fifteen of these exercises.
  • 14 Metabolic Miracle Workouts: you will be able to train with these four-minute long videos that put metabolic stress on your muscles to the maximum degree and activate your metabolism as it has never been done before so that you can burn as much fat as possible.
  •  6 Six-pack Workout Videos: these videos are specially designed for users that are looking for some abs-shredding workouts.
  • 7 Ladder Workouts: repetitive sessions on ladder training are also part of the set of videos.
  • 5 Challenge Workout Videos: these are a set of videos developed by Shawna Kaminski, a Certified Turbulence Trainer, that will test your skills in a very particular way by setting new challenges.
  • 5 Bodyweight and Abdominal Workout Videos: with this set you will burn fat in the lower sections of the body, especially the abdomen
  • 3 Strength and Muscle Videos: It is a small set of videos that describes how you can build your own muscle and stamina by just making use of your bodyweight resistance and no other equipment.


  • If you have a tight schedule in your life and or you can’t afford a gym membership, this program appears to be the answer you were looking for to build the body you want and burn the fat you need from the comfort of your home, work or any place you visit.
  • You don´t need special equipment to follow the program. Your own bodyweight and the will to follow the guide and success will be enough.
  • You can carry the manual and videos along with you at any time, even if you need to travel away from home. So no excuses to stay unhealthy are accepted!
  • By focusing on the type of exercises suggested, you will quickly burn the extra fat you have, lose weight and get the body you have ever wanted and desired.


  • There is a significant amount of information provided in the guide and a lot of videos to watch for each week of the program. This can take you some time to prepare in order to fully embrace the program.
  • No personal physical trainer means that the program user has to put all of its power of mind and willingness to start exercising. Motivation is yours alone!

In Conclusion

The Home Workout Revolution program is definitively a great start for people who want to lose fat, and therefore weight, in an effective manner. Through simple and short workouts, you will be experiencing results in a few weeks. Among its most important aspects you can count the facts that it can be performed at home and it provides you with a full set of 80 videos, manual and nutrition guide to help you achieve the body of your dreams without the use of any special equipment. Besides, if you are a frequent traveler, the program can easily fit this lifestyle because of its portability. You should definitely check it out!

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