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HFT2 Review

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HFT2 ReviewWelcome to HFT2 Review, a review about a new and innovative video based training program that will help you exercise and stimulate the exact muscles you want and need. High Frequency Training 2 (or HFT2) is an updated and revised guide, which was created as a new version of the first High Frequency Program published in 2012 and highly praised among its readers.

This new and updated program was developed by Chad Waterbury, who also wrote the first muscle training and workout guide. If you believe that the way you exercise your muscles has become inefficient, this is the right program for you!

This program will radically change the way you exercise, do your sets and reps and train your muscles. You will be able to grow them twice as fast as you currently do. To achieve this goal, you will have to follow two main techniques created by Chad Waterbury: the correct way to train your muscles and the right management of your workout time during your weekly training.

HFT2 Details

Every muscle can grow faster and bigger with the correct training and workout. This is what Chad Waterbury, a neurophysiologist and author of multiple training books, currently stands for. His revolutionary methods are used by a wide array of bodybuilders, models, fitness trainers and athletes from all around the world. Chad has a master of physiology from the University of Arizona and is a respected voice in several fitness and training magazines. He also participates of lectures and seminars.

The HFT2 program developed by Chad is a complete and revised version of the first edition published in 2012 with great success. With his program Chad helps athletes and competitive bodybuilders train in shorter, faster and much more efficient workouts.

This new training program is divided into three different parts.

The First part of the program is a PDF manual that comprises 131 detailed pages of how workouts function. Through its pages you will learn all about building muscle at a fast pace. This manual includes two full body programs. One of them will guide you through the targeted training routine plans for specific muscle groups and the second one through the 12 weeks program to add lean muscle to the different body parts. To do so, you will make use of three special training methods. With these methods you will be able to target your whole body or just a specific muscle you want to exercise and help grow.

Each step that has to be followed is described in detail and the training programs format is simple and easy to understand.  Besides, you will be able to access links to related videos for each exercise to guarantee you are performing them in the correct way.

The second part of the HFT2 training program provides you with 38 high definition videos. In this instruction videos, Chad will teach you how to perform the exercises described in the manual and how to correctly develop your strength and power and, at the same time, reduce your fatigue and allow smarter and shorter recovery times between exercises. A sample video tutorial can be found at the official website.

The third part of the program consists of a series of printable training logs separated into full body and targeted training workouts that will help you track your progress as you advance through the training sessions. These logs were not part of the initial HFT program and are a new addition to the set, as a result of the analysis done on the feedback received about the first training system.

The combination of the above-mentioned parts of the program turns it into a simple, effective and perfect muscle building guide.

HFT2 Pros

  • You do not need to spend additional time to be able to follow this guide. You will simply need to adapt your current workout to the new methods proposed by HFT2.
  • The program provides four full body workouts to be done per week. Each of them takes approximately 45 minutes to be completed. The targeted high frequency training plans for major muscle groups will only take some extra minutes and no extra equipment will be required to perform them.
  • Specific muscle groups can be targeted with this guide. Besides, the exercises described in the program can be used by men and women indistinctively.
  • There is no special equipment required to complete the exercises. You can do your workouts at home with the equipment you have.
  • The program is delivered in PDF format.  It can be downloaded from any device with an internet connection, from which you will also be able to read the manual and watch the videos. You can carry the guide with you everywhere and read it as many times as you want.
  • A sixty day money back guarantee is offered. No matter what the problem was, no questions will be asked. So in case you feel the program is not what you were looking for or the results are not the ones you were trying to achieve, then you will receive your investment anytime within the sixty day period after the acquisition of the product.

HFT2 Cons

  • Working out requires time and effort from your part. You will never grow muscle or achieve the body you want by simply watching the videos. You will need to spare the time the guide proposes you in order to see and feel the benefits of the exercise.

In Conclusion

The revised version and updated manual guide is a significant breakthrough compared to the original training program released in 2012. HFT2 turned out to be a high quality and affordable program that contains everything you need to improve your weekly workouts. The inclusion of the printable logs will also help you track your goals in a more accurate way.

The feedback Chad received for the original program has been gathered and put to good use in this new training guide together with the author´s own experience.

Working a specific muscle without the correct time or weight is not going to make it bigger. This is your chance to learn new and unique methods on how to grow muscles correctly!
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