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Full Body Licious Review

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Full Body Licious reviewI am a regular 18 year old girl who lives in Ohio and who, like any other teenager, dreams of work, love and life. Nonetheless, I am not like any other teenager, since I have gained a lot of weight during the last three years. I started feeling horrible. Not only my self-esteem but also my health declined. I started feeling much worse and I noticed that my general lifestyle deteriorated. Moreover, my boyfriend works as a gym instructor, so he added some more pressure on me. He wants me to chase his standards of physical fitness. That is not an easy endeavor to me, since I work in a call center and I have a quite messed up routine: I sleep until the evening so I can wake up at night and be totally ready to work. Plus, my job implies a lot of pressure, so I cannot get operated or follow a drug plan. I do not own my own time.

Full Body Licious – How did I Discover it?

A client of my boyfriend suggested him Full Body Licious. This man is a regular follower of the product and a very good friend of Flavia Del Monte, the woman who created the Full Body Licious method. My boyfriend told me about his friend’s recommendation, so I visited Flavia’s website,  where I found a lot of information about the product and about her personal beliefs about body shaping, among other interesting information.

Flavia Del Monte – Who is she?

Flavia is a registered nurse, master in level nutrition and certified trainer. Moreover, she owns the sexiest body I have ever seen, which has been a huge inspiration for me. Weighting 125lbs, I need to keep a model in mind as a target. I also learned that she suffered from the same problem that me when she was younger; so, if she could reach that awesome body, I know that I am going to reach it too.

Full Body Licious – What is the Program About?

This diets approach, designed by Flavia Del Monte, is aimed at anyone who wants to look healthy and fit and improve their general lifestyle.

It is basically a 5 day program that consists on long lasting impact on your brain and physics to admit the exercises. It a lot of benefits, such as:

  • Innovative fat burning methods that will hit the exceeding fat organs. You will have to spend an hour of hard working to see the amazing results.
  • Since the creator and instructor of the program is female, she knows precisely what the female body needs to lose weight and how it is different from a male body.
  • However, the program also works for men. In fact, my cousin started using it after I told him my experience and he also got benefited from the program. Of course, he had to take proper updates for men workout.
  • Flavia offers extra videos and DVDs for special occasions, like weddings or birthdays.
  • The workouts help reshape the body and reduce metabolism to feel and look more beautiful and healthy.
  • If, for any reason, the workout does not work for you, there is a 60 days money back guarantee. You only have to contact the support team. For me, if someone guarantees your money back, it means that he or she is totally secure that the program will work.
  • You will receive books and reports written by Flavia Del Monte completely free.

How Long does the Plan Take?

It depends on each user. You can choice between 5 days a week. I chose Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, so my body can rest and the exercises are more effective. During those two days that I do not exercise, I follow the diet and avoid foods with extra fat. I know that this program is a bit intensive, but it does work. If you really want a better shape and health, you have to commit to it. I know some ladies that have dropped this program earlier and they have not achieved the shape they wanted. Plus, they are still spending a lot of money in pills and massages that won’t work.

Can You Train at Home?

Totally. With Full Body Licious, you will not need to go to the gym. Taking into account my night shifts, Flavia advised me the Home Gym version. That means that I can follow it whenever I want, without spending time and money travelling to the gym. Moreover, I have a progress card to follow my progress and control myself, since I don’t work in front of an instructor. Then, I inform my progress to Flavia and she suggests me if I should improve or change any aspect of my routine.

You can see the full program on video. Flavia will walk you through the exercises in your own home gym. You can pause and replay it anytime you want.

The payment is very secure and simple. You can download Full Body Licious instantly and start it immediately. You will not have to wait for shipping.


Flavia knows she can help you. She also had weight problems and has found a way to improve her health and body. Now, she wants to share this method with all those who are going through the same problems that she did. The workout program is totally comprehensive and easy to follow, and it appeals to women of all fitness level and ages.

I think that Full Body Licious is an excellent choice, since it combines scientifically proven exercises, comprehensive demonstration videos and an irrefutable money back guarantee.

As Flavia herself says, this program will help you say “I love my body”!

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