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Forex Triple B Review

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forex trible bThe global market is capitalized by the Foreign Exchange Market (or Forex as it is commonly known). It is a decentralized market for currency exchanges and, due to its volume, it is considered the biggest market in the world. Here you can buy or sell currencies from around the world. For this particular market, a new powerful tool has arrived: a software so powerful that it simply does all the job for you, making your job easier and more successful than ever.

The Forex Triple B is a semi automated software package that will revolutionize the way you trade. The system fully analyzes the market for twenty four hours a day during the five days of the week in which the market is operational. It also provides the user with the currency trades and pairs signals available. While the program is working on its own, you are able to do other activities.  You do not have to go to your office anymore, as you can now work from the relax and comfort of your home and engage in other activities, such as spending time with your family or hanging out with friends.

In spite of the fact that the software does all the work, the user has full control on the decision making area. When the program detects a trading opportunity, the user is notified with an on-screen and sound alert. The program will wait for your confirmation (or not) on the trade opportunity. Whether you would like to proceed or not on the trade is up to you. The program simply cannot make the final decision as it does not have the capability to do so. This is a whole new level as far as trading is concerned!

Forex Triple B Details

The system was designed by Vladimir Ribakov, an experienced Forex trader with more than 10 years of experience on both automated and un-automated trading. In the explanation guide included with the package, Vladimir details what an important feature it is for the user to have the final decision. The trade opportunities presented include details of the trades such as simple charts, small statistics and refined reports so that the user can enter only high quality trades. This is especially useful for traders that are starting on this business model. You also have the opportunity of activating several filters so that the program can be customized according to your needs. The system will apply the appropriate methods and will provide a checklist with the profitable opportunities and the quality of each of them so that you can analyze and select the most appropriate for you.

The program also provides the option for pre-trading confirmation. Pre-trade approval will give you the chance to confirm and approve the trading before the program continues on with the rest of the process.

What Does the Package Contain?

The package is comprised of two elements:

  • The software suite, which will plug straight into your Meta Trader and start processing right away after you log on to it.
  • The tutorial library, where you will be able to learn how to customize the system. It also provides you with information related to the method applied as well as the strategy employed, which is called Bollinger Band.

You will also be able to further increase your profits with two other bonuses included in the package:

  • Forex Income Engine, a trading course that provides information on how the Forex trading works and how to proceed when facing trading opportunities.
  • Trend Forex System, a guide that will help you understand how trend following strategies work, based on mathematical and technical system analysis.


  • You will be able to make money from your own place. Nothing is as comfortable as that. You will not have to worry about traffic jams or annoying bosses and employees anymore!
  • It will provide you with free time as the software will do the work for you since it will present the trading results from which to choose. You will simply have to confirm on the best trades presented by the software.
  • Self employment is now a reality when working on trading business models.
  • There has been a lot of positive testing with the software. This provides the user with a high chance of profitable rewards. If you are already trading successfully, the Forex Triple B program will certainly double or triple your earnings.
  • The package offers a 60 day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the results obtained.


  • You should know that the trading results and the profits that come along with them are not always high. There are many external situations that affect the markets such as political and economical factors. This means you will have to be aware of these factors since they will certainly impact on the market.
  • The system is fully functional with its default filters. So, unless you are totally sure about the changes you would like to apply, these settings should remain intact. Altering the settings without knowledge may result in several profit loss.
  • As this is a semi-automated software, a computer program, you will miss the knowledge that comes from experiencing the trading world and that can by taught by other traders. This is simply because the job is done for you by a software. Some of the learning processes that will provide you with valuable lessons and skills cannot be taught by a computer.

In Conclusion

With the Forex Triple B software, successful trading is a reality! Your earnings and profits will experience a new high point.

In order to achieve the best results it is recommended for you to learn about trading and how the system works first. Once this step has been completed, you will be amazed in a way you have never dreamt about. Moreover, all this can be achieved while staying at home enjoying from some quality relax time. Undoubtedly, trading has never been simpler and more exciting than this!

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