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Fight 4 Family Review

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download fight 4 family At first, when I became a father, I was up all night, every night, worried that I could provide my family with all they needed. Before that, I had led a life without getting into any trouble; I never had any enemies or got into a fight, I just enjoyed my life. But things have changed now that I’m a father, since I have a family to protect. I would fight for it with my life, if needed. And that’s precisely why I spent more and more sleepless nights.

I asked my family and friends for advice, and they would always said that I should get a gun, but every few months we hear from another tragedy related with guns and I refused that my children became another number to these statistics. I kept looking for a better solution that wouldn’t involve guns. Finally, I got in touch with an old friend of mine that had become a father too, a couple of years before me. He had already settled down while I was still behaving like a 21 year-old. Fortunately, he was willing to provide me with useful advice.

Things for me and my family changed completely after what he told me. He told me about the Fight 4 Family System.

Fight 4 Family Program

My friend is a regular guy, just like you or me. So, I was a bit skeptical: how could he protect his family and home adequately, without any weapon?

He explained to me that this program doesn’t turn you into a superhero. It teaches you essential biological knowledge about the human body’s weaknesses, and how to take advantage of them in a safe and quick way, to protect you and the ones you love.

He demonstrated a few tricks to me, without hurting me, of course. I understood that knowing vulnerabilities is essential to disarm anyone safely. “Knowledge is power,” he said; and he was right. If some intruders break into your house, armed, they would never expect that you know how to disarm them with techniques that normally only military masters and martial arts know.

So, I gave F4F System a try, and it was one of my best choices so far. I would totally recommend it to anyone who wants to protect his home and family. I know how distressing it can be feeling threatened and not knowing what to do. So, if you want to feel safer without living at the gym, buying guns or paying private security, you should really try Fight 4 Family System.

F4F System – What will You Learn?

I cannot explain such a comprehensive system in a review, but I wanted to list some essential aspects about it, so that you can imagine what to expect and if you would like to try it or not. First of all, let me tell you that the system is presented on videos, which make it really interesting and easy to understand.

In Fight 4 Family System, you will learn:

  • A lot of insider data that you would never know without this system. For example, that you shouldn’t attack an intruder with your hands, since you are putting them in danger. Instead, you will learn much more effective and safer alternatives.
  • A new concept of training. You will not need to live at the gym or to practice permanently. With this program, you can practice whenever you want, even while watching TV in the living room with your family!
  • Valuable information. You will not be sweating, you will be learning. You will discover a lot of useful information about the human body, such as its weak and strong parts and how to take advantage of them whenever you need it.
  • How to improve your five senses and how to be more alert about what is happening around you, and how to quickly target the weak areas on your opponent’s body. One of the techniques is called “eyes in your back’s head”, and you will be able to practice it with your family!
  • What to avoid doing. This aspect is a key factor. You will learn, for example, what you should never do in case someone is being pointed with a gun.
  • Techniques for various threatening situations, such as being tied up, pointed or faced with a dangerous mob, and effective moves to physically protect your family.


  • Easy to practice and learn. Fight 4 Family System comes on video, so you won’t need to read lots of pages and boring texts and diagrams. You will see every technique clearly demonstrated.
  • The information is so easy to learn, that it will only take you the first 15 minutes of video to learn the first technique! In my opinion, this technique makes the whole program worth it for any parent.
  • You will gain that peace of mind you have always wanted. You and your partner will finally feel safe, since both of you can learn this system’s techniques and data.
  • The complete system is not about being the best fighter of super fit. Instead, it is aimed at anyone who wants to safely protect his family, with useful knowledge on how to debilitate the human body. These moves can be used by anyone and work on anyone, because they are based on biological fact.
  • This program is totally cost-effective, it is under $40! Any family can afford it. Taking private lessons or going to the gym would cost much, much more.


  • This System is only available online. Therefore, those who live in areas with little or no Internet connection may have problems.
  • In my opinion, some of this program’s claims are a bit unrealistic. For example, if you are facing someone who is twice your size or a mob attack, I don’t think that you could apply the techniques. The tips and techniques are truly useful and valuable, but you should regulate your expectations, since marketing claims may make you feel as if you were Superman.
  • You will need to practice the techniques a lot. It is very important to learn the information and tips, and to practice the body movements and how to improve your senses, so that you can make the proper decisions in case you are threatened.
  • This program is not for those who only want to fight. It is not an offensive program, but a self-defense one. If you are looking for a guide on how to fight, this system is not the right choice for you.

In Conclusion

Unfortunately, you cannot protect your family permanently. However, you can protect them whenever they are with you. With F4F System, you will learn a safe and effective way to protect yourself and those you love, based on weak and strong body parts and awareness enhancement.

With this system, I feel much more protected. I can practice the techniques in the comfort of my house and I am teaching them to my children and wife, too. I have gained a lot of worthwhile information and the peace of mind I have always wanted, for a reasonable price.

If you want to learn amazing techniques and become your own private security, you should really buy Fight 4 Family!

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