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Family Self Defence Review

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family self defence reviewI had never though that being a parent could be so distressful. I used to be alert every night, wondering if there was anything that my child and my family still needed from me. Before having my son, I never got involved into fights, I never had any enemies… I just enjoyed my calm life with happiness. But after having my son, everything changed. Now I have something I want to fight for, I want to keep safe, even if I have to give my life for it. Yes, loving so much is beautiful, but not being able to sleep peacefully, isn’t.

When I talked to the people I know, they used to tell me “get a gun”. But it has always seemed a bad idea to me, specially taking into account all the tragedies related with guns that happen almost monthly in the US. I really didn’t want my family to become part of one of these statistics. I knew that there must have been a better solution than a gun, so I continued my search, which led me to a friend with whom I had lost contact. He became a father many years before me. While he was already a grown up man, I was still a child as regards family issues. Luckily, he gave this new father some useful advice.

He revealed me something that transformed everything for my family and me. He informed me about Family Self Defence System.

Family Self Defence – What is this System about?

My friend is just a normal guy, he is not an UFC fighter or anything like that. Therefore, I was a bit skeptical about how he could properly defend his house and family against intruders, especially in the case that they burst in with weapons. He explained me that this system, far from turning you into a superhero, gives you all the essential knowledge you need to know about weak points in the human body and how to take advantage of them safely and quickly to protect the ones you love.

He showed me a few tricks to me (without hurting me, of course) and I could understand how this system made sense, how knowledge is true power. If intruders burst in into your house, they will never expect that you have such specialized self-defense knowledge, typical of military masters and martial arts. They will not know that you can spot their vulnerable spots and turn them down easily. As soon as I understood this, I decided to give this system a try. And I am so glad I did!

If you are guy like me, just a regular one who wants to protect his beloved family and house without having to buy guns, to become a body builder or anything like that, you should really try this system out. I learned a lot of great and practical information and techniques on Family Self Defence System.

Family Self Defence System—What You Will Learn

I can’t explain the whole product in the review, since it is very complete and practical. However, I wanted to cover some important details about what you will learn when you purchase it, so that you can have a general idea of what to expect and to consider if it is a good security investment or not.

  • The system contains a lot of interesting information that you will find truly useful and practical. For instance, it demonstrates in detail how risky and unnecessary is to attract an intruder with your hands. You will learn much more valuable alternatives.
  • With this system, you will have no need to practice constantly or workout hard to defend your family. The exercises are simple and easy to learn, and you can even practice them while watching TV with your family!
  • You will also learn how to enhance your senses to be more aware of what is going on around you. You will become a threat to your own family, since they will all think that you have eyes on your head’s back!
  • You won’t sweat, you’ll learn. You will discover a lot of data such as the body’s gravity center and how to take advantage of this new information whenever it is necessary.
  • You will not only learn what and how to do, but also what to avoid doing, especially in crucial situations (for example, if someone is pointing a gun at yourself or at one of your family members).
  • You will get techniques related to various dangerous and threatening situations. For example, facing a menacing mob, being tied up, which are the most vulnerable body parts and effective moves to physically protect your beloved family.

Which are the Best Aspects of This System?

  • It is easy to practice and learn. It comes in video format; therefore, you won’t have to read thousands of boring pages or lose time trying to interpret complicated diagrams. You will see every technique demonstrated clearly.
  • It will truly give you that mind peace you have been looking for. You will be sure that your family can be safe, whatever it happens. With all your new knowledge, you will be able to sleep like a baby again!
  • You will learn useful techniques and it won’t take you more than 15 minutes to learn the first one! This first technique is so awesome that, in my opinion, it instantly turns the program into a must for any thoughtful parent.
  • Since it isn’t about being a rude fighter or becoming super fit, it works for anyone. It teaches some short moves to disable the human body, which work on any human body. The magic of biology! So, instead of losing time and money on the gym, trying to look stronger and bigger, being away from your family, you will learn some basic moves that will assure you that you will all be protected.
  • It is extremely inexpensive. Since it costs less than $40, any family can afford it. Plus, take into account that it will save you hundreds in self-defense classes and gym memberships.

Which are the Bad Aspects of This System?

  • Since it is only available online, those families who inhabit areas with limited or no internet access won’t be able to get it.
  • The techniques are accurate and impressive. However, in my opinion, some of the declarations on the program are a bit unrealistic. When facing someone who is twice your size, I don’t think that you will dare to attack him. Moreover, I don’t think that anyone can arise from a mob attack unharmed. Not even Batman. I mean, whether the information is really interesting, valuable and biologically true, you have to control your expectations.
  • This techniques need to be actually practiced to be effective. Plus, since everyone is different, they have different effectiveness according to the individual characteristics. Moreover, it is very important to use the information that you will find on the sections about how to improve your senses, to be prepared to make the proper decisions and act at the proper moment.
  • If you think that after learning this program’s techniques you will be able to take on anyone, then you will get hurt. This program is not about learning how to beat people up, it is a self-defense one. Therefore, if you are looking for a fighting guide, you will not like this one.

To Sum up

The truth is: you cannot protect your family from every single threat. I have learned that being a good parent implies accepting that you cannot always be in charge of everything. However, we can do our best to defend the ones we love, and this system is an excellent option to better our knowledge of self-defense, including the human body’s weak points, awareness of the senses and useful protective techniques. You will not be a muscle builder, you will not be Superman; but you will have much more chances to protect your house and your family in case someone threatens them.

Taking into account everything you will learn, this package is really cost-effective. It only costs $37! I am sure that you won’t regret this small investment. You will get in return easy to understand, solid and practical knowledge that won’t deceive you. Feel the power of self-defense knowledge!
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