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Everyday Roots Review

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Everyday Roots ReviewAre you and your family willing to live a healthier and more natural lifestyle? Are you tired of traditional medicines’ side effects and of buying chemical beauty and cleaning products? If this is the case, Everyday Roots is the right program for you. This e-book was written by Claire Goodall, a natural wellness professional. The fact of living in a cabin in the woods made her appreciate nature and specially plants as an alternative solution to health issues. It was upon her own experience with prescribed medicines and the awful side effects related to them that she developed a more holistic and natural way to heal the body and deal with different illnesses.

Her book comprises more than 215 natural home remedies. Throughout its pages, she will teach you how to make your own chemical-free household and beauty products using natural components. She also provides readers with treatments for various common symptoms such as colds, throat sores, constipation, acne, headaches, insomnia, arthritis, nausea, fever blisters, smelly breath, dry skin, gas and bloating, dandruff, joint inflammation, among others.

Everyday Roots Details

This excellent guide provides individuals and families with a list of natural solutions and home-made remedies that will help them eradicate their dependence on chemical products. Unfortunately, these products are manufactured by corporations that are more interested in making money than in healing people.

The helpful recommendations and simple treatments described in this e-book include basic ingredients that can be found at home or acquired at any shop. Besides, the information detailed in the guide is easy to follow.

Everyday Roots also includes DIY recipes to prepare natural laundry detergents, toothpastes, hair shampoos and conditioners and many other products that are part of our everyday life. By doing so, we will be avoiding the use of chemicals and decreasing the exposure to them in our households.

As Claire is constantly working on new recipes and remedies, there will be updates in the future. Luckily, you will not have to pay for them since they are offered free of charge forever as a bonus.

You will be surprised to know that by using natural products, drinks, herbal teas, raw ingredients or products found at the grocery, you will be reversing conventional medicines side effects as well as getting better results for your health in the long term. This method will set you and your household free of artificial, synthetic and chemical products.

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  • The most important advantage of this program lies in the fact that it helps you to deal with and heal different conditions and illnesses by getting to the root of the problem and not only treating the symptoms.
  • By following Claire’s guidelines on how to prepare natural home remedies, chemical free beauty recipes and toxic free household products, the exposure to harmful chemicals will be greatly reduced.
  • The use of raw and easy to find ingredients will also result in a benefit to the household economy since families will become less dependent on corporations and their products and medicines. As you stop buying these products, your monthly savings will increase considerably.
  • Buying the e-book online will enable you to receive future updates for free.


  • The fact that Claire is not a doctor and the program is only available in a digital format may be considered as drawbacks by some people. Claire’s aim is to share her own experience, what she has learned out of it and how returning to natural and organic products can really help you have a healthier lifestyle. However, the suggested guidelines included in her bookmay not work for everyone since each person is different.

In Conclusion

Everyday Roots is an excellent program that, through clear and specific guides, will teach you how to decrease your daily exposure to chemicals in your house as well as in the beauty products you use and medicines you take. You will be amazed by the number of benefits and solutions this book offers. For anyone interested in making an important shift and turn their lifestyles into more natural and well balanced ones, this is the perfect fit!
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