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Defeating Diabetes Review

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Defeating Diabetes ReviewDefeating Diabetes Kit is a unique product that was designed by the famous nutritionist Yuri Elkaim. This innovation shows people how to use a specific food called “super starch” to change the dangerous consequences that diabetes can cause on the human body. This product has been tested by patients with type 2 Diabetes and it has helped them to defeat the resistance to insulin, keep a healthy weight and improve their metabolism and digestion. In this review we will give you a short description of this program.

A Look Inside the Program

The program is mainly based on the properties of white starch, which is also known as dietary resistant starch. This kind of starch can be found in many foods that we eat every day. It is a type of carbohydrate that is not disintegrated in the stomach; it goes directly to the intestine and is like a dietary fiber. Then it goes to the large intestine, there it is consumed by bacteria and it becomes an acid.

Some studies have revealed that this resistance starch can be found in food such as unripe bananas and raw potatoes.  It is also a component of some grains, seeds and legumes. And it can also be found in some foods that have starch, such as rice or potatoes, when they are cooked and then cooled. In this cooling period, the starch becomes resistant thanks to a processed known as retrogradation.

This program teaches people the correct mix of food, with resistance starch, which can help you boost your insulin sensitivity. A study done in the Iowa University in 2014 showed that this kind of starch can make the vitamin D found in urine lower and hence improve the control of blood sugar. The research showed that this starch has the capacity of reducing blood sugar by 41%. If you add 5 grams of it in a muffin, you will help overweight people to lower and control their blood sugar. That was tested in a study. And the same research showed that the sensitivity to insulin could be enhanced by 33% in 4 weeks. Also, people could lose weight because the starch made them fell fill. As a consequence, it reduced the feeling of hunger that in general lead obese people to eat more than what they need. Besides triglycerides and cholesterol levels were also lowered.

The Super Nutrition Academy, an institution led by Yuri Elkaim and his group of scientists, is behind the Defeating Diabetes Kit. You can order the ordinary package which offers a group of recipes and data about this kind of starch that will help you use food to change your health. If you buy this package you will have the possibility of buying an improved version that you can try for a short period. This latter is free. This improved version gives you a report that details the results of using five other foods to defeat diabetes.  If you get this improved version, you will have access to the 12 modules included in the training of the Super Nutrition Academy. They include:

  • The essential information about carbs and energy food.
  • Basic comprehension of proteins.
  • Hidden information about fat.
  • Minerals and vitamins.
  • Gut health and digestion.
  • The immunological system, illnesses and allergies.
  • How to heal yourself and avoid illnesses.
  • How to lose weight, information about metabolism and hormones.
  • How to know which food is healthy.
  • How to get rid of toxins, information about fasting and how to live more.
  • How to preserve your mind and improve your health.
  • Food that is good for the health.

The program has guidebooks, mp3s, and videos. Besides, you will get handbooks and templates that will help you learn faster and better. The information, recommendations and tips are easy, simple and practical.

Know the Creator

Yuri Elkaim is a renowned nutritionist and the writer of the book called All-Day Energy Diet that was edited by Hay House. This was a famous book and the New York Times called it a bestseller in 2014. He has 20 years of experience and he has helped over 500000 people to have a better health. His way to tackle overweight is unique and is based on basic diet techniques that are better than common diets. He has tested this kind of starch on many patients and he used it with his father who suffered from type 2 diabetes. The results were awesome.


These are the best benefits of the program:

  • A comprehensive compilation of tested techniques that will lead you to lower and control your blood sugar levels in a natural way. Patients have said they have had improvements of fifty points.
  • Better levels of energy, better bowel movements, loss of weight, less need of insulin shots.
  • The support of the Super Nutrition Academy and its prestige.
  • Knowledge on what and how much to eat in order to be healthy.
  • It is not expensive and it is easy to follow.
  • If you are not satisfied with the product you can have your money back if you inform it within the first 2 months after buying the product.


There are not many secondary effects associated with this product. And this is just because it is based on natural and common food. Besides, the ways of preparing these foods are easy and simple. In the videos you will learn from Elkaim since he is the one preparing the food. Nevertheless an issue you may have to face is that you must be strict and follow the program to the letter. Also, you will have to learn all the recommendations and information given in the book. You must have self discipline in order to have success using the Defeating Diabetes Kit program.

To Conclude

This program is incredible and has excellent results and it has been proven scientifically Besides it can be used by anyone who is fighting against diabetes. It is not expensive and it has very good reviews so it is an excellent option for people who are eager to avoid diabetes or who are suffering from this disease and want to be healthier.

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