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Dance Floor Arsenal Review

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Dance Floor Arsenal programWhen I think back to Junior High Dances, I think back to the most awkward and uncomfortable time in my life. It’s just so hard to understand why we subjected ourselves to a “dance” back then when we had no clue how to dance. Well most of us anyway. However, as I grew older, I noticed more and more guys figured out how to dance and had no problem doing it. Why then was I so embarrassed and wanting to shrink away when I was at a wedding or party and dancing started?

Finally, after a recent wedding where I met a charming young woman and missed the opportunity to spend more time with her because another guy there dragged her off onto the dance floor and kept her there all night, I decided enough was enough. So I started looking around. I didn’t want to go to classes and embarrass myself. I didn’t want to learn how to do only one or two types of dances either. I talked to friends and coworkers and finally, one of them turned me on to what helped him overcome his dancing blues: Dance Floor Arsenal. It might sound a little silly, but this program works for anyone who, like me, doesn’t want to take classes and would rather learn to dance from the comfort and PRIVACY of their own home.

Dance Floor Arsenal Program Details

One thing to note right off the bat is this is a 14 day program. It really will teach you everything you need to know to transform your moves on the dance floor from shameful to stylin’. Now, you may need a bit more practice on some of the dances and moves than you get in the 14 week program, but the program works great as a supplement to anything you need more of as well. Simply continue to practice what the program teaches to refine your skills.

Specifically included is the guidebook that covers everything from moves to techniques and even methodologies. You’ll also get over 20 video lessons that will take you step-by-step through dance moves for both dancing from a male and female perspective. The guidebook and videos step you through several modules including:

  • Module One: The basics and fundamentals of dancing
  • Module Two: Learning rhythm and being comfortable on the dance floor
  • Module Three: Getting down specific moves
  • Module Four: Bringing it all together
  • Bonus of Ongoing Support via the website and direct emails


When I was trying out the program, here’s a list of some of the things that stood out to me as particularly awesome about Dance Floor Arsenal:

  • I loved the videos. They were so clear to understand and helped break down moves I never would have been able to break down on my own.
  • Economically speaking – Dance Floor Arsenal can’t be beat. There’s no way you could learn this much from taking dance classes without having to devote far more time and money than you’ll ever have to here. Remember – at classes your instructor’s time is split between other students and focusing on things that you may not need as much focus on.
  • If you are a man or a woman doesn’t matter – the program covers both roles in dances.
  • Customer support is fantastic. I only had one question, but I received a response from a customer support and it was a real person. It took almost no time at all for them to get back to me. Very impressive.
  • And, one of the best things about this or any product is the fact that its makers stand behind it. They do this by offering a money back guarantee of satisfaction for the first 60 days. That’s right if you aren’t completely satisfied for any reason, you can get your money returned. Given most results can be attained in 2 weeks, even if you are slow or busy, there’s still plenty of time to fully test its claims and get your money back if it doesn’t work for you.


As with every product out there, it’s simply not for everyone. For this reason, I felt those of you considering purchasing should consider these things a bit more closely before making a final decision on whether or not Dance Floor Arsenal is right for you:

  • One thing you really need to understand is that this isn’t a miracle product or anything like that. This is something that will teach you how to dance. And that means you have to use it correctly and study it. Bottom line, if you don’t give the program your full attention or practice, you’re not going to learn to dance.
  • The sales page makes it seem like you’ll become an amazing dancer. You need to temper your expectations. This will help you learn how to dance and avoid ever being embarrassed or out of place on the dance floor. It will not, however, make you Dancing with the Stars material.
  • Another thing to point out is that this product is only available online, so if you were thinking of getting it for someone who lives in an area that has limited or no internet or who doesn’t have a reliable computer or tablet, it might not be ideal and a more traditional print and DVD program might serve such individuals better.

In Conclusion

It’s pretty simple. Do you want to know how to dance better? Do you want to save money and time over going to dance lessons? Does the idea of learning how to dance in the comfort and privacy of your own home sound good to you? If you are saying yes to all these questions then it’s time to go ahead and order.

Your investment is safe. There’s a 60 day money back guarantee. Since the program works in 14 days, there’s plenty of time to put it to the test. It worked for me and I had two left feet. So don’t think you are too uncoordinated or anything. It’ll help even the worst dancer improve their game.

Download Dance Floor Arsenal Now! It’s 100% risk-free for 60 Days! Click the button below:


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