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CT-50 Review

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ct-50 reviewHave you gained weight over the past years? Are you tired of extreme workouts that lead to no results? Do you dream of getting in shape without extreme workout sessions? If you answered yes to these questions, the new CT-50 exercise plan is designed especially for you.

CT-50 is the new cross training workout designed by Tyler Bramlett. This new training guide gives its users an alternative for losing fat in which they can get in shape and build their dream bodies without using traditional gym machines or depriving themselves from the foods that they enjoy. What’s its main feature? Users only need to exercise one hour per week.

Tyler Bramlett is a training expert who is also a coach of the USA Weightlifting Performance. He has designed a special program that consists of different body movements that burn fat without performing an extreme workout. This method does not include hard work or pills. It is a program specifically designed for those who are not used to regular work outs.

This program is a cross training program that works by levels. These levels are thought and designed so users can achieve their desired figures. The training can be performed by anyone regardless of their age, gender or size. It can also be combined with other sports. It also includes people who are used to exercise: they just need to skip the first two levels.

How does the CT-50 training works?

This program is an integrated exercise plan that is designed to be performed one hour per week. The method consists in movements that will become more challenging as the user performs each level.

This level plan guarantees results whenever the second stage is finished. It is designed so users won’t quit, as it is a relaxed routine of body movements that does not need to be repeated several times a week.

  •  The first level of training of CT-50 starts with simple movements that the user will perform throughout the whole program. The “Turkish arm bars” or the “body rows” are simple exercises in which the user does not need to worry about injuries or having a particular fitness condition.
  •  The second level requires muscle use. Movements such as “The burpee walk out” or “Single Unders” are an introduction to what comes on the next levels.
  •  During the third level the results will be showing on the user’s body. This will be a proof of the success of the program and will motivate users to not quit the work out.
  •  On the fourth level users will perform more complex moves. Even though it is more challenging than the others, the users will have already improved their physical shape and will be able to perform it.
  •  On the fifth level, users will have gained the body condition they wished they had whenever they started the program. Movements such as “Inchworms” or “Kipping pull ups” will be responsible of fine tuning the latest details on the desired figure. Users will have gained their perfect body conditions without using pills, machines or extreme workouts

Pros of the CT-50

The CT-50 is a full body exercise program designed by Tyler Bramlett which guarantees improvements on the user’s image. Bramlett is an experienced trainer that has worked with the USA Weightlifting team and it’s a professional on everything that is related to body image. He is so confident about his product that he has even guaranteed the total refund of your money in case the program doesn’t work. No questions asked.

This program includes free training with an integration guide. It also features a guided supplement and a smoothie guide that will help the user to burn more calories in order to achieve results earlier.

 The CT-50 guarantees:

  • Users will improve their body image and will achieve their desired body
  • There is no need to over exercise or performing extreme workouts
  • Users won’t have to use pills or traditional gym machines
  • There is no need to pay for gym fees that do not guarantee total satisfaction
  • As soon as the program is on the third level, users will have already improve their bodies
  • Users will be more self confident whenever the program is finished
  • A relaxed work out experience to be performed one hour per week

This isn’t just another internet exercise routine. The possibility of a total refund is a proof of quality for those who have tried everything and are skeptical of any program. What’s the best of it? That it is designed by an experienced trainer who has been working for years on body image and fitness. For those who have already tried everything, there is nothing to lose. And, for those who are not used to work out it is a relaxed alternative for getting their ideal bodies.

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