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Cellulite Formula Review

cellulite formula reviewIt is very difficult to find a woman without cellulite. In fact, 9 out of 10 women have it and 9 of 10 hate having it. Cellulite is unappealing and affects our self-esteem. Who wouldn’t like to strip it off?

There is a wide range of “magical cures” available on the market, from cheap to expensive drugs and natural treatments. Within the variety you can find options from very simple methods to complex treatments that imply daily applications.

If you don’t believe on magical cures and prefer a formula demonstrated by medical studies performed by doctors, colleges and universities, consider Cellulite Formula, written by Ann Fleszer. This book explains it all about cellulite, its causes, how to treat it and prevent it. If you are one of those 9 out of 10 women, on Cellulite Formula Review you will find all the information you need to know about that hateful intruder.

What are the Causes of Cellulite?

  1. Genes. Studies have proven that cellulite may be inherited. Many women who suffer from this problem don’t know that other women in their family also suffer from it. This is not a coincidence, but a fact of genetics. This means that one of the causes of cellulite is the shared genes that pass this bother from one generation to another. So, many women have inherited their cellulite from their grandmothers and mothers.
  2. Pregnancy is also a major cause. If you have not received cellulite from your older generations, you may start having it when you raise a new generation.
  3. Stress. Carrying a stressful lifestyle or career is unhealthy for your body in general, and one of its harmful impacts is cellulite.
  4. Aging. Every woman who is more than 40 years old knows that the body starts changing dramatically at this age. Fat starts to concentrate more intensely in certain areas like the arms, the thighs, the stomach and the buttocks. These fat deposits, of course, cause cellulite.

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If you have read all of these causes and you feel a bit depressed, keep in mind that it is important to be aware of them so you can get rid of cellulite. Ann Fleszer explains the causes exhaustively and offers many options to prevent the problem.

How can You Prevent Cellulite?

  1. A better diet. Fleszer lists a lot of great anti-cellulite foods, Including whole grain substances (instead of enriched flour), high-acid fruits, lean meats and green vegetables. You will also discover some foods that you would avoid since they have a lot of fat but are, in truth, hidden gems, like sunflower seeds, unsweetened nuts and avocado. These foods contain a lot of fatty acids that help fighting fat and, as a consequence, getting rid of cellulite.
  2. Better drinks. Avoid those beverages that help cause cellulite, mainly all of those with sugar, caffeine and sodium. Drinking too much of these beverages is as unhealthy as suffering too much stress.

These tips will help you stop gaining a lot of cellulite, but what can you do with the cellulite you already have? In Cellulite Formula you can also find some wonderful tips about this topic.

How can You Put an End to Cellulite?

  1. Natural alternatives. First of all: water. It not only hydrates your skin improving its quality but also expels the toxins from your body. Herbal teas are another good option that you should take into account, especially green, dandelion and ginger tea.
  2. Exercise.This is the one of the best proven cures. So, if you really want to get rid of cellulite, although it is difficult to find the motivation, you should start excercising. The book includes some workout that you can try.
  3. Get rid of it and prevent it from coming back. Once you have found the way to stop it, make sure it won’t come back. You can follow all of the advices but, as soon as you return to your previous life, cellulite will also return. On Cellulite Formula, Fleszer takes into account the relapses that we all have as human beings and offers tips for recurrences of cellulite, so you can be sure that whenever you stop following the teachings, you will know how to steer back.

All in all, Cellulite Formula is an incredible book that contains a step by step guide on how to beat cellulite. You will be thoroughly informed about the causes, the ways to prevent it and to get rid of it with the many helpful and important lessons given by Ann Fleszer.

The book gives you advice after considering all the aspects as regards cellulite. So, if you want to get rid of cellulite, obtain Cellulite Formula!

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