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Automatic Sexual Chemistry Review

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Automatic Sexual Chemistry ReviewHave you heard about Automatic Sexual Chemistry? It is an innovative seduction method for men, invented by the renowned expert in seduction Dean Cortez.

The basic idea behind the system is the following:

You can seduce a woman and make her fall head over heels in love with you by just following six easy steps.

You will not have to spend a large amount of money, or go on dates, or be her friend first…

After justone conversation with a woman, it is possible to learn how to seduce any other woman. It is a simple method that just includes six consecutive steps that will provoke emotions, feelings and a series of chemical reactions in the women’s brain that will immediately make her feel an incredible “sexual chemistry” with you.

If you follow these six simple steps chronologically you will not only have as much sex as want with the girls you like the most, you will also absolutely change the minds of the women you like in such a way that they will be addicted to you.

After using AUTOMATIC SEXUAL CHEMISTRY to seduce a woman, the man will be empowered to do whatever he wants next.

Does he want to use AUTOMATIC SEXUAL CHEMISTRY to have sex with a new woman every single night?

Does he want to make use of AUTOMATIC SEXUAL CHEMISTRY to have a harem of women who are willing to have sex with him whenever he wants?

Does he want to focus on just one STUNNING woman and make her be truly in love with him forever and ever?

With AUTOMATIC SEXUAL CHEMISTRY you will not only learn about the six steps, but you will also get to know the PSYCHOLOGY behind these steps which explains why they have such an effect on women. You will find out what HAPPENS (biologically, psychologically, sexually, and at hormonal level) when follow these six steps with a woman.

98.7% of men do not have a method to seduce a woman. They just try different things. And so they may win or lose, but they do not have consistency.

With AUTOMATIC SEXUAL CHEMISTRY seducing a woman becomes something AUTOMATIC…

Since it was PROVEN that if you guide a woman through a chronological sex-step process (that you can learn in just a few minutes), she will be automatically addicted to you, and she will be willing to have sex with you.

Nowadays, Most men feel powerless when it comes to dating and seducing…

The AUTOMATIC SEXUAL CHEMISTRY is the solution to giving you power and making you feel UNBEATABLE, since it offers you a six-step program that you will always have in your brain and that will make it possible for you to conquer a woman whenever you want.


  1. Control the “Anxiety you feel when you Approach a Woman”

The Anxiety you feel when you Approach a Woman is the normal fear you feel or the doubts you have when you are about to start a conversation with an attractive woman in a restaurant, at a coffee shop, on the street, or in any other place.

These doubts or this fear is related to YOUR brain and it is linked to evolutionary reasons. The AUTOMATIC SEXUAL CHEMISTRY method describes the rationale behind this (which may be surprising but they are totally reasonable once you think about them)…and it also explains you how to re-wire your brain in order to get rid of this anxiety forever and ever.

  1. Learn the right Techniques to Approach a Woman and the Best Ice Breakers

This system will give you proven and scientifically tested ice breakers that you will be able to use to start a conversation with a woman in ANY place. And it will also teach you a few tips to “move on” to a conversation with her in a natural way. To put it shortly, she will not know that you are trying to seduce her.

She will just think you are a fun, interesting man and she will want to know you better. She will have the DESIRE to go on talking with you. And at that moment you have to…

  1. Make Her Feel at Ease with You

The majority of men who study seduction methods DO NOT FOLLOW this step, and so they ruin their chances to seduce women. If you skip this part, women will probably tell you “It was nice meeting you, but I have to leave now”.

Or it is the reason why a woman may give you a fake telephone number…

Or may give you a REAL telephone number but then will give you a thousand of excuses when you try to meet her again.

Women must feel at ease with men in order to be willing to be seduced. That is why this step is so important and fundamental. It will be really easy to be an expert on this step after knowing some secrets, and this will make you be ahead of all the other men!

  1. Make Her Feel Attracted to You

Making a woman feel attracted to you is totally different from what you think. It is, in fact, much easier than you believe, but in order to master this ability you will have to comprehend how women’s brain work.

  1. Use Affinity Tactics & Qualification

Building “rapport” with a woman is about making her feel that you both belong to the same team and that you understand her like no one else in the world. “Qualification” means seducing her subtly and testing her in order to make her feel that she has to make an impact on YOU and WIN your admiration.

  1. Sexually Intensification and Sign the Deal

At this point the majority of men get stuck. Many men can chat with a girl during a whole night but then they are afraid of moving on because they do not want to screw it up.

However, after learning Step 6 of the AUTOMATIC SEXUAL CHEMISTRY program, you will know how to intensify the conversation with a woman in such a way that will be almost unnoticeable to her.

You will subtly convince her of the idea that you have a sexual chemistry in common and so that conversation WILL naturally lead to having sex. Any mental taboo she may have about having sex with you TODAY will disappear.


*The principal course: more than six hours of recorded training + transcriptions + description and explanation of the six steps.

* Bonus 1 is called “From being Friends to having a Relationship: Get out of the Friend area and make her Feel Attracted to YOU”

* Bonus 2 is called “The Boyfriend Killer” (How to make her be unable to recall her boyfriend and make her love YOU)

* Bonus 3 is called “Seduction Secrets of the Body Language”

* Bonus 4 is called “Absolute Sexual Confidence”

* Bonus 5 is called “Know her Mind and Make her fall in Love with You”

* Bonus 6 is called “Fast Sexual intensification: Have Sex with Her Tonight”

* Bonus 7 is called “How to Master Conversation”

* Bonus 8 is called “How to Conquer 9s and 10s” (techniques to seduce difficult women)

* Bonus 9 is called “The Sex God Plan” (recommendations and tips to have great sex with her)

* Bonus 10 is 1 free month access to the VIP area of the Mastermind Club which is secret club full of information, videos and audios from experts on seduction.

In Conclusion

If you are tired of trying to seduce women and failing over and over again or if you know how to handle a conversation but then you are afraid of moving on and inviting a woman to have sex with you, then this is definitely the program for you. With the Automatic Sexual Chemistry system and its 6 steps you will learn how to conquer women and make them fall head over heels in love with you. What are you waiting for? The opportunity to conquer all the women you want is right here, are you going to lose it?


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