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6 Minutes to Skinny Review

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6 Minutes to Skinny ReviewNo one likes to have some extra body fat. When we look at the magazines, the TV and internet pictures, we see skinny, sexy people smiling at us. It is not easy to feel comfortable with our extra pounds. Plus, media seems to claim that being a bit overweight is related to laziness, as if a little exercise and diet could solve it for sure. “Eat your vegetables, evade carbs and sugar and walk every day,” they say.

Yeah… sure. As if bodies were machines that you can reschedule. You can’t simply change your diet and lifestyle and make them look different. You cannot predict how your body is going to respond. Many have spent hundreds of dollars on personal trainers, diet programs, gym memberships and special pills… and still saw no results.

However, I had a good personal experience with an online product and I would like to share it with you, since you might be looking for an answer as I was before finding this great solution. A friend of mine had tried it and she recommended it to me. It is called 6 Minutes to Skinny. At first, I was a bit skeptical, but, since I trust my friend so much, I decided to give this program a try.

What is 6 Minutes to Skinny about?

6MtS program was developed by Craig Ballantyne, famous strength and conditioning coach, nutrition and metabolism researcher, and creator of Turbulence Training. He has studied the body for years and has developed this program based on how the body responds to exercise and food. Therefore, the program is based on the latest scientific research and the experience and knowledge of a famous trainer and body investigator.

6 Minutes to Skinny does not focus on sweeping, unpleasant changes to your lifestyle and diet, but on pushing your body’s right buttons and taking your metabolism into high gear, with only a few minutes per day.
What will you get with this program?

  • 6 Minutes to Skinny videos.The program is divided into a series of short videos, each of which contain an informative presentation on a particular topic. So, you can choose what topic you want to learn about and when, instead of having to listen to a lot of information that does not appeal to you.
    You are free to see what interests you! For example: if you want to shape your legs, you should see video 2, which includes information and a simple exercise to shape your legs and butt. If you want to lose weight, you should see video 7, which explains various movements to unlock the natural fat burning mechanisms of your body.
    All of the exercises and movements on the videos are very simple and they can be done wherever and whenever you want. Therefore, you will not have to reschedule your life to fit this program; instead, this program will fit your schedule! Moreover, you will not need elastic bands, weights or a lot of space. You will not need to spend a lot of money, neither on a gym membership nor on expensive equipment.
  • 6 Minutes to Skinny Morning Boost.

These are a set of videos that detail a plan to enhance your body’s metabolism each morning, in less than 5 minutes. It includes a number of easy, quick exercises to invigorate your body and give you a lot of energy for the day, while your body burns your reserves of fat. What does this mean? That even if you spend the whole day sitting down, you will be burning fat and losing weight.

  • The Morning Metabolic Boost Recipes.

These delightful shake recipes with natural ingredients are designed to supplement the videos’ exercises. They will make you feel full of energy and food and they will boost your metabolism. Therefore, they will help you lose weight through the day. Plus, they are so delicious that even your children will want to try them.

  • The 7-day fast start guide.

This is a quick list of tips collected from successful users of the program. Taking into account different reviews and opinions, Craig has gathered the most interesting and useful data and proposes interesting optimizations that you can make to get the most of your first week.

On this guide, you will find, for example, which videos you should watch first, what you should start eating and what can you do to start losing weight as fast as possible.
Who can use this program?
Anyone can try 6MtS.
If you are tired of traditional methods, since they are not working for you, you should really try this program. It is designed to fit any schedule, even if you are a busy adult who does not have time for fancy diets or complicated exercises. With this program, you will not have to reschedule your life and you will see amazing results.

  • Cost-effective. This program is really affordable. It is much cheaper than a gym membership, costly equipment or other weight loss programs. Plus, it is risk free, since it comes with a 60 days money back guarantee.
  • Various videos. With this program, you will never get bored, since you can watch any video you want. Plus, you will not have to listen to tedious explanations or see exercises that you are not interested on.
  • Your own schedule. You can choose what videos you want to watch and when to watch them, choosing what works for you and determining your own level of investment. You can progress at your own speed and tailor your progression.
  • Many bonuses. You will not only get the amazing videos, but also a lot of bonus content, such as snack tips, extra exercises, diet information, a cheat sheet on how to get the most of the program and fantastic shake recipes. With these bonuses, you will lose weight much faster and you will learn a lot about your body and diet. For example, you will discover what 3 healthy snacks you can have to burn fat; and how to double the health benefits of the vegetables that you eat.
  • Easy and quick. The techniques proposed fit your budget, schedule and home. You will not need to go to the gym or to have a big space to exercise. You can do everything from your own kitchen and bedroom, in just a little time. Plus, you will not need extra equipment for the exercises or extra supplements for the shakes. The movements and recipes are easy and fast to do and they will fill you with energy, help you burn fat and make you feel refreshed and lively. All in all, this program will enhance your general lifestyle.
  • Scientifically proven. Craig has a Master’s of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology. He is a renowned body investigator with years of experience and practice. In fact, he contributes to Men’s Health Magazine, he has developed the Turbulence Training program, and he is a member of Oxygen Magazines and the Training Advisory Board for Maximum Fitness. Therefore, this program is based on comprehensive scientific studies and researches made by medical professionals.


  • To download this program, you will need a good internet access and a proper device to watch the videos comfortably.
  • You will need to commit to this program, since you will not have anyone telling you to do the exercises and make the shakes. You will need to be determined to follow Craig’s suggestions and techniques daily. Otherwise, you will not see any results. You will be your own trainer!


All in all, 6MtS is a fun to follow, healthy, comprehensive and useful program based on scientific researches. It includes videos, recipes and useful tips for all those who want to lose weight in a simple and natural way. If you truly want to look and feel better and you know that you can commit to this program -I mean, to do the exercises and recipes daily-, you will see great results and you will feel energized and lively. Plus, this program is totally affordable and, since it includes a 60 days money back guarantee, you will have no monetary risks.

So, if you feel that you want a change in your body and lifestyle, you should totally buy 6 Minutes to Skinny!

Download 6 Minutes to Skinny Now! It’s 100% risk-free for 60 Days! Click the button below:


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