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Tipster Warehouse Review

Tipster Warehouse ReviewIf you follow professional sports betting, you’ve likely looked around for a secure betting community as well as tips from other sports betting professionals and speculators. I’ve always followed sports and enjoyed the thrill of betting at the races here locally but have always wanted to find a good tipping service that would let me bet on more than just horse racing.

I’ve finally found just the type of service I’ve been looking for. It’s called Tipster Warehouse and it has tips for everything from Tennis, to Horse Racing, to Football, and even Win & Lay.

Product Details

Tipster Warehouse is a website that is a community of all kinds of tips for sports betting. When you sign up, you choose which specific tips you want to receive and how long you’d like to subscribe for. Once you’ve subscribed, you’ll get an email every morning between 9 – 11 of all the relevant events and tips for betting on them for that day. The email even recommends amounts to bet and will show you how to place your bets.

The information in the emails will give you much greater insight into your betting choices than simply flying solo. You can even see graphs of the increased profits you can make with Tipster over other similar products.

In order to help you better understand what Tipster Warehouse Review offers specifically, I want to briefly touch on the different types of tipping services you can sign up for and what they will teach you in the daily emails.

Download Now from the Official Website Risk FREE for 60 Days: www.tipsterwarehouse.co.uk

Tipping Services Offered From Tipster Warehouse

Ante-Post King – The Ante-Post King email will give you up to three bets each week from any and all upcoming sporting events. Instead of focusing on a particular sport, this tipping service pinpoints the best of all sport betting opportunities for the week to maximize profits.

Top Secret Service – This selective tipping service will provide 1 – 2 betting tips each day. It has a great strike rate of 37% at 3.59 odds.

Dave Callan Racing – This is one of my personal favorite as it is centered on horse racing. It covers both singles and doubles. And the outcomes it provides utilize Betfair Multiple Service and BSP prices. This is one of the best horse racing bet tipping services I’ve ever found.

UK Greyhound Lays & UK Racing Lays – If your fancy is British greyhound or horse racing, this tipster has a tipping service for each. Both provide tips on a daily basis when events are taking place and offer great returns.

Football Fever – This tipping service is for the all world league and will give you 1 bet tip per day. It’s strike rate is 70% for 1.30 – 2.25 odds.

Golf Profiteer – This service is focused on golf betting opportunities and has a return rate of 61.39%.

Alex Rey Sports – This tipping service focuses on sports that use a ball. This includes football, golf, tennis, and cricket. It has a 51% strike rate and returns are 34.43%.

RM Lays, Racing Gold, and More offer similar services to those above. TW continually updates its offerings as well. When you sign up, make sure to look at all the current offerings to get the latest updated list of tipping services they provide.


Here are a few things I like about this Tipping warehouse:

  • I prefer tips from real people. That is the experts, over software picks. Every tipping service on Tipster Warehouse is run by real people, not some automated algorithm. This makes a difference in my opinion.
  • Obviously the biggest draw is all the different types of tipping services it offers. I love this aspect of TW.
  • The profit percentages I’ve experienced since joining are far higher than what I was getting on my own and with other services. Gotta love that this is all tax-free money as well!
  • The bottom line is that sports betting is one of the most fun ways to invest for fun and profits out there. When you win more and more and with greater yields, the fun only increases. Tipster Warehouse has made betting more fun than it’s ever been for me before.
  • Everything is so easy to use and follow with TW. I wasn’t confused on how to place bets or what the emails I got actually meant. This was very refreshing concerning other services seem to have issues with this.
  • If that wasn’t enough, your investment is backed by a money back guarantee. If you ever are dissatisfied with the emails, you can quit and get your money back. Talk about confidence in purchasing!


  • This is not the most expensive or complex system out there. Sometimes the picks are very simple and don’t give a lot of detail like more complex systems do. However, the picks are generally reliable and will help you do better than going solo.
  • If you are a beginner, there isn’t tons of information to acclimate you to the culture of sports betting.
  • Some of the tipping services do not report as high of earnings as others do. You should consider which you sign up for carefully.

In Conclusion

If you like sports betting, this is the program for you. It’s not the best to help you figure everything out if you are new to betting, but you can supplement that knowledge with a bit of research on your own. When you sign up here, you’ll get a variety of tipping services to choose from, not just one like most places. Some are extremely effective and cleverly designed as well. There’s a lot to choose from.

If you want to upgrade to something more expensive, you might find you get better tips from time to time, but in general, for the price, Tipster Warehouse can’t be beat. Get into the fun and excitement of winning big on sports betting by joining TW today! There’s no reason not to join because they offer a money back guarantee unlike many more expensive programs. For all these reasons, I recommend you try it out.

Download Tipster Warehouse Now! It’s 100% risk-free for 60 Days! Click the button below:


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