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Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts Review

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self-Sufficiency Shortcuts reviewProviding protection for your family and acquaintances is always a top priority for most people, especially during a time of natural catastrophes or crisis. What if a natural disaster strikes your city? Floods and earthquakes are a true possibility for many people living in cities located next to the ocean or to the mountains. What exactly are you going to do and how would you prepare yourself if an extreme situation like the two mentioned above should happen? Is there a guide to follow? If you have not bought any yet, do not worry! You have now found the right one: Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts guide. ( Backyard Innovator)

Many people will give you different suggestions on what to store and how to keep it. The usual advice is to keep distilled water and some cans of food for a couple of days, but is this really enough? Usually, it is not. What about shelter, heat and transportation? Major problems like lack of electricity and contaminated water supplies could go on for months. It does not matter if you are in a third world country or a modern city. You should be prepared for emergencies regardless of your current location. The Self Sufficiency Shortcut e-book has been created to help you understand how to survive and the best way to achieve this goal.

This is a new and informative guide full of tutorials and PDF e-books that will help you set up your own survival support system for you and your family. Through its pages you will learn about the fundamentals of surviving a crisis and getting ready with essential tips and suggestions. It can be followed by anyone and does not need previous knowledge about survivability. You will be provided of everything you need to know to keep water, food, remedies, shelter, electricity and also heating and transportation. This is a true survival handbook that contains plenty of suggestions to survive through different types of catastrophes.

Backyard Innovator Review

Providing your family with everything they need during negative and difficult situations is a tough job to do. To fulfill this task, Richard Grey developed a system that will help you overcome all kind of issues during these adverse conditions. Regardless of what may or may not occur, if a hurricane or a tsunami strikes, his suggestions will help you survive. You will be offered the guidance you need to create and maintain your own self contained food system. It is an automated system that will provide you and your family with water and food. This system can be created in your backyard by spending only a few minutes a day to build it.

In just a few weeks you will achieve independency and self sufficiency. By following the information provided in a step by step format, you will learn the secrets on how to be very well prepared for any kind of natural disaster.  You do not even need to know how to use basic tools like a screwdriver since everything is explained inside. You will learn where to find cheap and free parts for the system, how to soundproof it in order not to be discovered by unwanted guests and, most importantly, how to provide every member of your family with fresh food and water during a disaster.

How Does the System Work?

You will find a detailed explanation on the system´s functionality through a series of video tutorials and PDF guides. The guides will help you with the following:

  • Build your own self sufficient and automated system with a small coop where you will be able to keep common farm animals like chickens and rabbits.
  • How to maintain the system by spending only a few minutes a day on it.
  • How to recycle the coop´s waste into a small garden and how to apply the used water to fertilize vegetables. You will even learn how to purify water for drinking.
  • Produce food such as eggs, vegetables and other kind of meat for your family even in the most negative and adverse conditions.

You will have access to step by step video tutorials about the procedures to build the system and more. Special bonuses are also available along with the regular e-book to help you decide on its purchase. Some of these bonuses include new guides that will increase your chances of survivability, such as guidebooks on how to can and preserve meals and food, tips on growing vegetables, animal breeding strategies and more.


  • This is a step by step methodically explained tutorial that can be followed by anyone, even if you have not delved into survivability strategies before. You will perfectly understand the concepts detailed in this program.
  • You will be provided with the information on how to procure cheap and even inexpensively materials.
  • You will be able to customize the system according to your needs and space availability.
  • A lot of bonuses to increase chances of survivability are included.
  • A 60 day money back guarantee is offered in case you are not satisfied with the product´s results.
  • Efficient and quick customer support is available in case you have doubts on any of the products suggestions.


  • Some of the parts that are necessary may not be available everywhere and you might need to find them on different locations than yours.
  • It is only sold online in PDF format. However, you can always decide to print a copy for yourself.

In Conclusion

More than 24,000 people have already tried the system and have chosen the program as the best available system the market has to offer. Undoubtedly, it is the most comprehensive course that will help you achieve self sufficiency. If followed correctly, you will be prepared to protect you and your family in times of crisis and catastrophes due to the system ease of implementation and the details shared by it, regardless of what might occur. Download the Self-Sufficiency Shortcuts PDF now and give it a try! You will not regret it!

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