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Real Celebrity Fitness Review

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Real Celebrity Fitness ReviewDo you want to have the body of a celebrity? Silly question, right? I mean – who doesn’t? Well there are a few options available to us. Most of them involve expensive trainers at world class gyms and loads of time. Well, celebrities might be able to afford all that – but what about the rest of us?

What if I told you that many celebrities, including NFL superstars like Jeff Garcia, Playmates like Carmella DeCesare Garcia, and television stars like Home Improvement’s Debbe Dunning used a system developed by the same guy who has a product that anyone can afford? What if I told you that program was developed by a real fitness guru, certified trainer, and host of ESPN’s The Power Hour with Kyle Brown? That’s right Kyle Brown himself – celebrity trainer to the stars – has a product that fits anyone’s budget and free time to help them transform their body into the sleek, sexy body they’ve always wanted.

Kyle brings the secrets of the stars home to you in ways that can really transform that couch potato body into something you’re proud to take to the beach. Want to know more? Keep reading and I’ll do my best to tell you why I think Real Celebrity Fitness by Kyle Brown is 100% worth your time and money.

Real Celebrity Fitness Product Details

Kyle makes it clear right away that if you do the same old programs, you’ll get the same tired old results. His approach is radically different – in just three workouts a week for three weeks, along with diet changes, his program can force your body into a fat-burning mode that causes the weight to come off continuously even when you’re not working out.

Your body will literally be forced to change with Kyle’s insider techniques. Specifically, the program comes in 4 components:

  • Component One: The work out sessions. You’ll get a complete plan of 30 minute workouts to get you through the entire program. These exercises are designed to help you build strength and muscle while burning fat. Each workout is only 30 minutes long to help make them fit your busy schedule. No need to spend hours going back and forth to a gym or trying to match up schedules with an overbooked personal trainer, Real Celebrity Fitness brings it all home to you.
  • Component Two: The meal plan – not only do you get exercise plans, you’ll get a full meal plan for the 21 days of the program. All your grocery shopping is easy with everything you need to buy laid out for you. The recipes you’ll enjoy are both delicious and an essential part of your total body transformation.
  • Component Three: The third component are small chats you get each day with Kyle himself. These three minute videos cover a new topic every day. They are short so they are perfect to give you something to focus on for the day without being too much to remember. The fact there is a new one every day really helps you keep connected with Kyle through the 21 day program and adds a tremendous amount of knowledge when it’s all said and done. Kyle covers a variety of topics including Goal Setting, Will Power, Lies about Fat, Water, Supplements and more.
  • Component Four: You’ll also receive a comprehensive fitness analysis that will show you exactly what strengths and weaknesses you have so that you can really get the most out of your 21 days. At the end, you get to retest and see proof in black and white of your improvements.

The Pros

Here are a few of my favorite things about this product:

  • The four components of the product work well together. I particularly found the 3 minute videos with Kyle to add unique value to this exercise programs that others don’t. Just getting to connect with him once a day did wonders for my motivation. I knew each day that the next I’d get some other great bit of knowledge from Kyle that would keep me going. This is different than what many other programs offer and I like it.
  • The results I achieved were fantastic! I can’t say enough about how effective this was over other programs. Results obviously vary according to body weight, size, and other factors.
  • Not only do you get all four components, you also get a bonus video library that covers over 40 exercises including medicine ball exercises, dumbbell exercises, TRX exercises, bodyweight exercises, and stability ball exercises. These really bulk up the value of the program and give you stuff to work on long after the 21 days come to an end.
  • Everything here is absolutely risk free. Kyle want’s nothing more than for this program to be as successful for you as possible. Therefore, the program comes with a complete 100% guarantee. If for any reason you don’t get the results you want, you can get a FULL refund at any time in the first 60 days! That means the whole thing is completely risk free – hard to ask for more than that!

The Cons

Here are a few things I felt you should consider more carefully before purchasing.

  • This product is only available over the internet. Therefore, it might not be ideal for those who live in areas with little or no internet.
  • You’ll need to be fairly able bodied for this program. If you have mobility issues or injury that prevents you from performing normal exercise routines, this program may not be ideal for you. This is not to say it won’t be somewhat effective, just there might be better programs out there.
  • This is definitely not a miracle cure. You’ll need to put your full focus and effort into this program over the 21 days. Your success is directly tied to your dedication and effort.
  • If you are looking for a diet only program, this is an exercise program as well.
  • Results will vary. It depends on your size, shape, dedication, and other circumstances. You need to go in with an open mind and realize you are in control of your success as this program gives great information.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for an exercise and diet program to completely transform your body that is put together by a reputable professional who has a proven record of successfully helping celebrities, this is for you. It’s hard to think of anyone who wouldn’t want to use this program unless they simply already have one that works for them or have different needs from a health program.

The bottom line for me is that Kyle offers a money back guarantee. He wants you to succeed. This isn’t about him making money off of people who don’t know any better, this is about him using the internet to bring his proven effective system to people everywhere. If it doesn’t work, you can get your money back, so what are you waiting for?

Download Real Celebrity Fitness Now! It’s 100% risk-free for 60 Days! Click the button below:


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