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Power Couponing Review

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Power Couponing reviewOkay, if you are something like me, you ended up being interested in couponing because of all the money you see those women saving on the coupon shows. I mean, HELLO, I have a family too and I know things I’d much rather buy with the money I spend on food. If you are a mom or dad who buys the groceries in your household, you know what I’m talking about. It’s a never ending struggle finding enough food to feed a growing family and still have money left over for a few of the better things in life.

So I did it. I started “cutting coupons.” But the thing was, I wasn’t saving 99% on my bills like I saw on TV, yet week after week more moms and dads are on shows. I knew I just needed to figure out their strategy. That’s when I started connecting with other coupon clippers locally. It wasn’t long before I found out about Barbara – our own local coupon wizard. Finally, after a coupon workshop, I got the nerve up to approach her. Boy am I glad I did, because she turned me on to Power Couponing and my days of no saving are finally over. I know, maybe you can figure this out on your own, but I was a mess and it wasn’t until I ordered Power Couponing that it all made sense. If you’re like me, keep reading.

Power Couponing Product Details

So first and foremost, I wanted to know how it worked. Let me break it down really quickly: There’s a sure-fire 3-step method to save incredibly at your local grocery store. Power Couponing will teach you this method, how to apply it to any situation and give you a ton of insights showing you secrets about the coupon industry that normal people just don’t know about. These might be considered “loopholes,” but they are 100% legal and guaranteed to save you like you’ve never seen.

So what are some real results? I’ve walked out of my local grocery store with two baskets ABSOLUTELY FULL and only paid $15.00! Can you believe that? Now, I have tons of food for my family, and to give away! I’m able to donate to my children’s school, local charities, and help friends and family make special occasions easier on the checkbook. But that’s not all you’ll get when you order Power Couponing. Let’s go over some of my favorite things about the program.


When I review a product, I like to take a time to add a personal touch by mentioning some of my favorite and least favorite things about it. Knowing how someone who has actually used it feels will hopefully make it easier to make an informed decision. So, here’s what I liked about Power Couponing:

  • As a coupon lover, I have to say the value in this package is out of site. The Power Couponing program really teaches you everything you need to know. But that’s not all, it includes 10 bonus eBooks that compliment the core program. The fact is, I know so much now, people call me the new Barbara!
  • Just to elaborate, you’ll get bonuses like “Power Couponing Tips for Preppers,” “Secrets to Stockpiling,” “Ways Grocery Stores Trick You into Spending More,” and many more.
  • I can’t tell you enough how you’ll save what you spend here in no time. You can put everything to use as soon as your next shopping trip! And the price is so affordable, you’ll be able to save it back on that same trip!
  • I always love it when a product I try out has a guarantee. Like the best products, Power Couponing offers a full 60 days for you to try it out and put it to the test. If at any time during that period you want your money back, just let them know and they’ll gladly refund it. That says the makers of Power Couponing really stand behind their product.


While not all of these things are necessarily “bad,” they certainly warrant closer attention by anyone who is thinking about buying Power Couponing:

  • This is not a miracle product. You actually have to read it and apply it to save money. If you only put a little effort into it, you’ll only get a little results. The fact of the matter is, it’s only as good as you are willing to commit to.
  • One thing you need to know is that couponing takes time! Yes you’ll save money, but if you are busy, it might be better to just pay more rather than devote your own valuable time.
  • This is an online program. While that might not be bad for everyone, if you don’t have a reliable internet device or connection, this product simply might not be as ideal for you as a traditional in-print product.

In Conclusion

The main drawback here is that couponing takes time. There is no short cut on time, you have to get the coupons and do the work to get them. However, if you have the time and the desire, then why go about it blindly? It’s just so much easier with Power Couponing that I can’t imagine having done all the work to figure this out myself.

The bottom line is you can spend 60 days trying it out and if you don’t think it’s worth it, you can get your money back. There’s nothing to lose, and it simply takes turning on the television to any of the popular couponing shows to know this really works. If you want to start saving tons with coupons today, do yourself a favor and order Power Couponing.

Download Power Couponing Now! It’s 100% risk-free for 60 Days! Click the button below:


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