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Liberty Generator Review

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Liberty Generator ReviewI must confess it: I was very naive, mainly when it came to those things I am passionate about, like survival and renewable energies. Each time a new book or idea appeared on the maket, I got excited and thrilled, even about the most little and simple techniques.

What excited me the most was finding out the fantastic inventions as regards green energy, such as the electric motors, solar panels or wind turbines. I wanted to try all of them! It was as if Santa had brought me new, shiny toys, and I wanted to play with them all.

Unluckily, I never managed to make any of these new toys work. I bought five of them and not even one worked properly. I tought it was my fault, maybe I wasn’t good enough for building electronic devices. However, when I talked to other customers on the products’ forums, they all appeared to be as technologically incapable as me.

As a result… enthusiasm faded away. I labeled all those kind of products as “scam” and I didn’t want to waste more time or money on them.

That was until three weeks ago. A friend of mine, a devote survivalist as enthusiastic as me, asked me to visit him to see his latest achievement. My curiosity led me to his house. We went to his backyard, where he showed me a quite strange hut. He told me it was his house’s new heart. It was, in fact, a biogas generator. More precisely, the do-it-yourself Liberty Generator.

Imagine my reaction. I was really skeptical when he told me that he had bought it on the Internet, built it himself at home and turned it on. I watched it working and I still wasn’t able to believe it.

So, I decided to buy it myself. I decided to give one last try to green energy bought on the Internet. And I will never regret it, since Liberty Generator restored my faith. Now, I want to share my personal experience with you and, maybe, restore your faith in affordable energy too. On this review, you will read the statements made about this product and my opinion about each of them.

Statement #1: your electricity bill will go down by 80%

My friend showed me his bill. He’d had Liberty Generator for less than a month, and the bill was 60% off! If I had read this on a forum, I wouldn’t believe it, but I saw the bill with my very eyes. Maybe this huge cut is related to the size of the generator. My friend’s one was quite big. In any case, it is a huge cut! Imagine reducing your electricity bill by 60%… dreamed, isn’t it?

Statement #2: It will cost you below $200 to build your Liberty Generator

Everyone claims the same: “get your ideal wind turbine on your backyard with less than $200”, “With only $250, build your own solar panel”… but when you start building the device, you find out that the costs are much, much higher.

So, this statement made me laught at first. But my friend assured me that this one won’t deceive me. When I started building it and added all the costs, I couldn’t believe my eyes… $37.5! No, I am not kidding. This generator was so cheap to build because I had most of the elements I needed at home and I only had to purchase four extra pieces from the hardware store. One of these pieces cost $9.

Statement #3: there are no maintenance costs

Until now, this statement proved to be factual. Do you know what does a biogas generator work with? Leaves, grass, animal waste, wood, even all those daily meals leftovers… inexpensive and incredible available bio fuel. Everything bio works incredibly fine.

As a result, I have not only reduced my electricity bill, but also my amount of waste. My dinner leftovers, my dog’s waste and my garden’s dried leaves have been an incredible fuel to power every device in my house, from the kitchen’s diswasher to the garage’s lights.

Statement #4: It will take you less than 4 hours to build your Liberty Generator

This depends on how big you want your generator. What I can assure is that it won’t take you more than a weekend to build it, no matter the generator’s size.

It took me about 3 hours to construct it, but a neighbour helped me. Then, I had to dig a hole to place the generator, which added some extra building time. If you take the diggin process into account, it may take you from 5 hours to a couple of days to finish the process.



Liberty Generator has not only restored my faith, it has also exceeded my expectations. I was so accustomed to being scammed that the fact that this product actually works still shocks me. What I love the most is that is doesn’t involve any extra costs to keep on working. I gather all the bio garbage I can and it keeps running and running.

I recommend the Liberty Generator to you, wholeheartedly. You can scale it to the most convenient size to you, feed it and see the amazing results. Reduce your electricity bill, reduce your garbage and help the planet. I am sure that you won’t regret buying this product.

I have shared my experience, but I would really like to hear yours. Share it with us!

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