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How To Help Back Pain Review

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How To Help Back Pain ReviewDo you or does someone you live with suffer from chronic back pain? Unlike pain in other parts of our bodies, back pain affects almost everything we do as it’s basically impossible to move without moving your back at least a little. Today, millions of people across the nation are suffering from back pain because they don’t want to have surgery or can’t afford the expensive treatments from specialists that doctors tell them they need.

Well what about home remedies? There are always all sorts of health products available on the internet, right? As someone who has suffered back pain in the past, I’ve been keen on trying these programs as well. This review is about one of those programs in particular, How To Help Back Pain by Jamie Glick MS, PT. Jamie is both a graduate of Columbia’s PT program and a licensed physical therapist in the state of New York. In fact, it’s Jamie’s great credentials that led me to first trying out his program. If you want to know what I found out when I tried it, keep on reading for my review.

How To Help Back Pain Product Details

First off – what do you get when you buy How To Help Back Pain? That is, for those of you like myself who have tried many programs like this before – what’s the angle that makes this one work? Well to start off with, there is no heat therapy, massage, ultrasound, stimulation via electricity or anything else that you may be familiar with. Instead, Mamie’s approach is to get you up and active.

This program basically gives you several therapeutic exercises that have been proven to help tons of people suffering with long-term and chronic spinal pain to get new relief without any of the hassle or pain of medical treatments and surgery. Basically, these exercises are designed to help your body heal and correct the core issues causing your back pain – not just treat the painful symptoms of whatever is causing your problem.

To do this, the program not only provides you with the fundamental exercises to heal your body, but is also packed full of all kinds of helpful information that will educate you to take even better care of your body to live a more full and active life perpetually free of back pain. This program is for any adult who suffers from chronic back pain.

If you’ve been cautious of other techniques to combat your back pain, this is a non-invasive and safe method that anyone can implement.

The Pros

Here are some things I really liked about How To Help Back Pain

  • You’ll get loads of information and the essential “magic 10” therapeutic exercises that will transform your life from one that revolves around back pain to one that revolves around what you want it to revolve around.
  • You’ll get videos that go over everything you need to know about the root causes of back pain.
  • You’ll also receive helpful updates with new tips, tricks, and even discounts on other helpful products.
  • Some effects can be felt almost immediately. I experienced dramatic changes within the first 4 weeks, which, judging from others I’ve talked to is about average.
  • You’ll also learn some advanced exercises for your trunk and abdomen to build core strength to help combat the secret causes of back pain.
  • You’ll also get a bonus guide that tells you inside information from a real physical therapist about common back pain diagnoses and what they really mean for you.
  • Tons of other information I couldn’t begin to include all of here.

The Cons

Here are some things I felt you should consider more closely before purchasing this product:

  • One thing I didn’t like is how the program seems to disregard all other back treatments. I don’t really agree that things like acupuncture and yoga are bad for you. I think if the author was more open to using all sorts of methods the book would promote a more holistic approach to solving back pain.
  • Not all of the information promised on the advertised page is as detailed as I expected. The product however is still very inexpensive compared to other programs, comes with updates, and does provide good information.
  • This product is only available online so if you don’t have a reliable computer and a good internet connection, the chances are it will not be very helpful for you.
  • This is not a miracle cure. Yes you may experience effects right away, but don’t think that one day and your life will be changed. This isn’t a negative thing as much as something to keep in mind.

In Conclusion

Overall, there is little worse than living with chronic back pain. If you are living with it right now because of fear of surgery or issues with being able to pay for it, then you need to try alternate approaches like I do. In my opinion, this product is indeed one of the better ones out there. My favorite thing about it is that it comes from a reliable source. Too often people with no education or certification write these books. In this case, you are covered which is very nice.

It’s really easy to see how cheap this is compared to any sort of routine treatment from a doctor’s office. Plus you can do it from the comfort of your own home. For me this made this product great. If you are suffering from back pain and are still reading, then it’s time to go ahead and give the product a try. I give it a thumbs up.

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