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Dessert Angel Review

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Dessert Angel ReviewEverybody loves desserts. Many of the desserts we love are hard to pass up if a slice of it is offered to us or spotted in our fridge. But what if you are on a strict diet program and do not want to leave it? Do you have to give up on that slice of chocolate cake or brownie? Usually this is indeed the case and we are forced to leave aside the treats we like the most in order to be committed to the diet and lose weight efficiently with the program we are following. This goal is achievable for sure, but what is also guaranteed is the fact that these programs come with the cost of craving for real sweets. The dieter must strictly accept the program´s guide and this is undoubtedly the most difficult part of all.

It often happens that dieters are unable to maintain strict diets and revert to their usual meals full of fat and carbs, cheating on their diet and ruining all the progress they have achieved so far. This often leads dieters to a negative state of mind since they feel guilty about their decision. But now there is a new way to stick to the diet program chosen to lose weight and burn fat and calories while enjoying desserts.

With the Dessert Angel e-book you will discover a way to eat desserts free of guilt. You will no longer have to say “no” to the desserts you want. By following this guide, you will find all the information you need to prepare low-calories desserts. This complete cookbook is full of different recipes that are available for average consumers and can be prepared with quality and fresh ingredients that can still make a cake taste delicious.  You will learn to cook without sugar and white flour, chemical additives and heavy sweeteners.

The Dessert Angel Details

The Dessert Angel is a digital low calories dessert cookbook. If what you aim is to burn fat and lose weight without stop eating desserts, this is the right program for you! With these healthy sweet combos, you will keep losing and burning fat. The guidebook contains more than 78 desserts that are surprisingly delicious and are prepared with healthy ingredients that are actually good for you, your health and your body.

It has also been scientifically proven that the diet included in this program can actually be effective. Several studies are included in the guide so that you can read about the evidence of this fact:


  • Study #1 shows how craving affects our self control over our needs and our determination. In this study people were divided into two groups. The first group consumed chocolate mousse and the second one, cottage cheese.  The mousse consumer group had more self control after eating it, proving that the risk to succumb to craving later on the same day can be reduced.
  • Study #2 points to an article detailing how our psych works against us when craving for food. It is a study on how reducing certain types of food increases the chances of craving and that by the elimination of the dessert in our meals the chances to cheat in our own diets are multiplied.
  • Study #3 shows us how a low calorie dessert can actually have positive effects on children with an overweight status.
  • Study #4 is a PubliMed feature article describing the status and ingredients of the current sweets in contrast with the ones we used to have back in the 80s.

Will the Dessert Angel Program work for you?

This new program is full of guides that will help you maintain your diet without depriving yourself of actually good tasting meals. It is a complete package, and for only $29.95, you will find different guides and components in it:

  • Nutrition Guide: Information and explanations on the ingredients used and why they are healthy for your body are provided. It also details the ingredients you should use as well as the ones you have to avoid. Besides, it contains tips and suggestions on dieting
  • Heavenly Recipes Guide: This is the main guide of the program and contains more than 78 recipes for you to cook. Through its pages you will learn how you can naturally prepare pies, cakes, mousses, shakes and many more. There are recipes for any taste: gluten free, vegan types, low carb and nut-free.
  • Quick Start Checklist: this is a checklist designed to help you know what you need in order to prepare the desserts you want.


  • By making use of an efficient, funny and compelling writing style, you will be taught how to cook and lose weight safely.
  • This guidebook is full of creativity comparing to the rest of the cookbooks available in the market. By providing a sense of fun to emphasize important points, the book is easy to read and follow. You will find yourself returning to its pages more times than you think.
  • You will learn how to cook without using sugar, white flour and many other chemicals that are usually applied to sweets in general and desserts in particular while still losing weight.
  • Scientific proof is available and back up the information provided by the author. You will not have to worry since science has your back!
  • A 60 day money back guarantee with no questions asked is offered if you are not satisfied with the results obtained by making use of the product.


  • In order to prepare all the book´s delicious recommendations, you will need certain knowledge around the kitchen.
  • You will also need to have the right amounts of ingredients like stevia and the like.
  • The program is only available as an e-book, so you will probably want to print the recipes you want to prepare.

In Conclusion

If you are on a strict diet and are tired of craving for a cake or a pie, then you will no longer need to be deprived of these treats! By downloading the Dessert Angel PDF file, you will still lose fat and weight in the process while eating delicious desserts. You should not feel any guilt at all.

The guidebook comprises a huge set of recipes that actually justifies its price. And what is more important, it will definitely help you make your diet enjoyable again!

Download Dessert Angel Now! It’s 100% risk-free for 60 Days! Click the button below:


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